Friday, July 21, 2017

Bohol kids teach DOE dad
On solar lamp assembly 

LOURDES HIGH SCHOOL, Panglao, Bohol. July 21 (PIA)--Two Grade VI pupils of Lourdes Elementary School (ES) here taught Department of Energy (DOE) Undersecretary Wimpy Fuentebella the rudiments in assembling a one watt solar lamp as the government, with the Liter or Light Foundation brings the Liter of Light Workshop for Boholanos July 20-21.
Like kids playing games, Orly Suganob and Heberly Ann Bompat, both 11 years old excitedly picked resistors and capacitors for the DOE official to insert into slots on a 2 x 2 inches Printed Circuit Board (PCB).

He was dared to assemble a one watt Light Emitting Diode (LED) light ingeniously fitted in an ordinary glass kerosene lamp as a workshop output.

With facility, Usec Fuentebella, who came to Bohol to oversee the workshop, solded the connections and slotted in the switches to complete the board connection to a battery which would be housed on top of the LED board.

Fifteen minutes later, the undersecretary held on the finished LED lantern which he proudly showed off, to the kids delight.

Both Suganob and Bompat are part of the 34 Lourdes ES kids who trained with electronics teachers, explained Bohol Department of Education (DepED) School Governance Division Chief Desiderio Deligero.

Also trained were Bohol senior and junior high electronics teachers who would soon cascade the trainings to the MAPEH and high school students in Bohol, Deligero added.

Lourdes High School which is located, inside the Lourdes DEPED Complex also offers electronics courses to its senior high school, so they have the equipment used during the workshop, Deligero said.

The solar lanterns use one watt solar panel board and LED and with 6 hours of solar charging, this can be used for 14 hours, according to Liter of Light Fdn trainer Arnold Lagui, while showing the blue run of the mill kerosene gas lantern which now transforms into a solar lantern.

Liter of Light, a non government organization founded by Filipino Italian advocate Ylac Diaz, has won a Dubai award for alternative sustainable use of renewable energy.

They have been helping poor households get light with their innovative PET bottle lights installed in house roofs.

These use water filled PET bottles as a form of lens to reflect the sun's illumination for indoor lights.

The solar lanterns which Fuentebella, the 34 pupils and high school electronics instructors would be the Philippines special token to the Asian Cooperation Dialog, Fuentebella told the children.

The Asian Cooperation Dialog, which is set in Panglao on the first week of August would partly be a gathering of over 34 delegates looking at the energy sourcing, energy security, energy safety and sustainability including resiliency while sharing existing power alternatives and technologies, sums Usec Fuentebella, who brings a tip from the Philippines to the dialogs.

E-secure mo, (capture the power) e-safety mo (institute safety measures), e-discarte mo (find ways to innovate) at e-power mo (use it), the Usec also engaged the excited kids during the day's workshop. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)
DOE undersecretary Wimpy Fuentebella successfully assembled this solar lamp assisted by these children from Lourdes Elementary School in Panglao. The DOE is presenting these solar lanterns as token of the Asian Cooperation Dialog with at least 34 Asian nations set at the be Grand Hotel This August. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)
PIA chief rallies SSC students 
responsible social media use

LARENA SIQUIJOR, July 19 (PIA)--As the fire of terror spreads across the globe and razes in some areas in the country, support groups are igniting students' idealism to rally support of terroristic activities, Philippine Information Agency (PIA) Director General Harold Clavite warned Siquijor State College (SSC) students.

Over this, the young Cebuano speaking PIA head instead rallies students to partner with government in the task of becoming carriers of 'responsible information, a PIA mandated task.

Bringing the topic on Responsible Social Media at the Ugnayan: Dialog for Progress here in the island of fire, Clavite who had extensive experience as digital communications consultant at the United Nations, highlighted on the strategic role of right information towards empowerment especially with sparks of terrorism bursting in some areas in the country.

"A well-informed Filipino is an empowered Filipino," Clavite swiped on the PIA's mandate inside the packed SSC auditorium filled with high school and college students who admitted owning social media accounts.

Picking on the trending propensity of social media users to share and post just about anything without much of introspection, he said the reporter mentality "because we want to be the first [to share it] we do not care anymore if its true," has caused problems.

Students have most recently been active social media users contribute to the 4.75 billion content shared daily and in uploading 300 millon photos daily.

"If one is not responsible, in one way or another, we are becoming instruments causing panic," Clavite, whose agency has asked facebook to take down the jihadist posts getting viral of the Islamic States of Iraq and Syria (ISIS), said.

In recent years, in the country which has over 47 million active social media users, posts like fake news, shares from satirical sites and unvetted information have trended.

Some of those shared are posts from groups mascarading as legitimate, but are fake sites, bogus accounts and trolls.

He said these can be easily checked.

Check the URL, links, common misspells, errors in grammar and make sure these are sites with editorial vetting policies, he advised.

Be very careful, learn to scrutinize, he urged students while engaging them to improve government.

We want to work together as carriers of communication, he dared Siquijor students. (rahc/PIA7/Bohol)

A digital communications consultant of the United Nations and now PIA Director general Harold Clavite has been going around the country appealing to social media users to be responsible in posting and sharing unverified, unvetted information which has also helped fan the fires of terrorism in the country. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol file photo)
Alicia rally motocross
at the panoramic park

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 14, (PIA)--One more pound to add to the weight of Bohol's claim that it has it all: mountain trail motorbiking in Alicia town.

Alicia Panoramic Park, that gorgeous series of hills dominating the interestingly grassy rolling Cambaol, which is also the first Bohol Mountain bike Trail Park now opens its wicked trails to dirt bikes 
and their daredevil motocross riders this Sunday, July 27, 2017.

Conceptualized by Alicia's homegrown 1st Line Bohol East Trail Bikers, the Alicia 1st Rally Cross came two years after town local officials led by Mayor Marnilou S. Ayuban and Vice Mayor Victoriano C. Torres III green lighted the now institutionalized Alicia Mountain Bike Festival.

With them and the Sangguniang Bayan members nodding on the Alicia Municipal Tourism Council's prime sports tourism product; mountain biking, comes this, town tourism and information officer Godelia Lumugdang said.

For those wanting to know, rally cross is that white-knuckle feeling of bursting from a mild berm or low hanging branches in a thicket and then you realize you need to transfer the weight of the bike to get rear wheels the grip.

You would definitely rev and maybe backseat so you could hoist yourself on to that crazy climb in a rain-rutted trail to the top, and see the panoramic view in a blur: such is the picture of what this is going to be.

Dirt rally cross is really about braaaping along dangerous undulating and twisting trails at crazy speeds, squeezing every strength out of the bike, to the finish.

This is just but the first part.

All along, as you skim and whiz like a blur with two-stroke exhaust leaving blue smoke, you still get full control as you tackle a natural trail obstacle: a whoop, hairpin curves, mild jump on a hard packed dirt or a stream crossing.

Of course, the tire thread picks everything as it spins, everything including a spewing of dirt, pebbles, and mud, so anyone and everyone behind you is surely getting roosted.

All to the finish.

Here, DNF (did not finish) is a no no, for it lets you pack your 250 or 450 cc bike and your roosted ego home.

"We wish to invite local dirt motorbike trail riders who should have the guts of steel and the heartbeat as dependable as their bikes to join us in this race to the top and zip downhill with the province's most tricky and treacherous trails.

Oh well, this should shake off the grime from your seldom revved to the max engines machines, as this certainly offers the most punishing revs from that dependable bike," East Trail Bike President Romulo Bazalo jokes.

This would be racing to the edge while all the while knowing any half second of break in concentration can send one to the back of an ambulance, or one's motorbike: a bulky yard sale.

While there are circuit motocross races in Bohol, seldom have there been trail rally crosses that this promises to be the ultimate test of a driver's skill, an ultimate high risk but de-stressing race, Alicia tourism officer added.

With teams outside Bohol now sending feelers of joining, this would be the perfect time for Boholano enthusiasts: novice and pros to show off their guts and make rally cross an event in Bohol.

Race registration is set at 8:00 to 10:00 after which a parade goess off at 10 and the races to the hills at 11.

For more information, check out Alicia Unfolds on facebook. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)