Friday, July 28, 2017

PCC commits to help Bohol 
horn malnutrition issue off

UBAY, Bohol. July 27 (PIA)--Philippine Carabao Center (PCC) at the Ubay Stock Farm (USF) stomps in to help Bohol horn malnutrition away. 

PCC at the USF is one of the 12 regional centers in the country dedicated to the research and development of the Philippine water buffalo and pour down the natioan dairy program, sums up PCC information officer Leniefe Libres. 

In Bohol, where the dairy requirement is largely supplied by imports and the carabao has always be the trusted farm hand, the shift to dairy production has opened the local farmers farmgates to another alternative livelihood. 

Incidentally, the National Dairy Authority, which lays down the country's dairy production program sits as PCC nextdoor neighbor at the USF. 

Coming up with an average production of 200 liters per day of carabao milk or Boholdairy at the Center milk processing plant, PCC eyes a marketing scheme to motivate farmers to adopt the carabao for dairy production, Libres shared.

PCC Center Chief Dr. Caro Salcez shared that the Boholdairy, a PCC-USF brand would soon be available to undernourished kids in 8 towns. 

Boholdairy brand, which comprises the best-selling chocobao, mango flavored carabao milk and the chocolate and mango ice candy bars would be a fixture in school nutritional feeding programs in towns with nutrition-deficient kids, PCC said.

PCC marketing officer Guillerma Abayabay said in cooperation with the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DDWD), the government tapped the PCC to supply some towns with carabao milk. 

The feeding supplementation program includes two rationed milk feeding daily for 5 days a week, Abayabay said. 

PCC also supplies carabao milk bars and bottled milk drinks for 38 schools in Bohol in an agreement with Bohol Provincial Government and the Department of Education (DepEd). 

PCC has agreed to supply 1000 carabao milk bars and bottled milk to identified DepEd schools while the Provincial Government supplies the storage facilities.

This is in stretched efforts of local and the national government to solve malnutrition and elevate children's health to breeze through school. 

Despite close health and nutrition monitoring packed in the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program, several of Bohol preschool and school kids in the towns show high incidence of malnutrition, a Provincial Nutrition Council report showed. 

During a recent visit to PCC, national media covering the Bohol Sandugo events who tasted the chocobao had to agree it is quite an experience. 

PCC served cheese and chocolate cake, pastillas, papaya ice cream, cheesy torta and brought the media to a white cheese making session at the store basement. 

There is money in carabao dairy, Abayabay noted. 

According to Abayabay, native carabao produces around 2 to 5 liters of milk a day, which farmers can sell to PCC or create white cheese for the local market.

PCCs bull loan program also intends to upgrade the native carabaos into ones that can milk up to 6 liters, Dr. Salcez intoned. 

Veterinarian Dr. Gondolino Bahinting clarified that going into dairy production, PCC intends to model for local farmers to imbibe the additional income option for livelihood.

With PCC supplying schools and town supplemental feeding programs and the carabaos giving additional options to farm families, the local government here is confident that this could be one poverty alleviation program that could work. (rahc/PIA7/Bohol)
PCC's Dennis Cotillas demonstrates how to pasteurize carabao milk into white cheese, which Bohol families who milk carabao or cows, can do to increase their incomes, as he engages benchmarking tourists from Sagbayan into a friendly banter. PCC has pushed for carabao dairy production as an alternative income source for farm families. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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