Friday, July 14, 2017

In a work lull? why not 
get free ATI e-courses?

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 6, (PIA)--Finding yourself in a lull in between jobs and with nothing to do?

Instead of winding time on social media, taking to pile up on more experience would be a better option and a free learning course to add up to your skills wouldn't cost a bit, hints Agricultural Training Institute (ATI) trainings superintendent Dr. Carolyn Mae Daquio recently.

Now on to their locally developed courses which are delivered online through their electronic extension services for agriculture, fisheries and natural resources sectors, the ATI is now using a different field to attain the target to modernize these sectors, ATI e-extension coordinator at Regional Training Center Dr. Merrian Soliva explained.

Shifting to information communication technology (ICT) as a new platform to deliver technologies to farmers, fishers and other stakeholders, ATI's e-extension services aim to heap up on productivity, profitability and global competitiveness, especially with ASEAN integration.

Taking up its role as the lead agency in the provision of online extension services in collaboration with other agencies, the ATI Regional Training Center here in Cabawan District in Tagbilaran City has contributed at least three of the online courses: Ubi production, urban gardening and wood vinegar production, Dr. Soliva said.

Along this, ATI said available now are over 40 free courses from, including Bohol's contributions: ubi production, urban gardening and wood vinegar for organic pest management and control for gardeners, Dr. Daquio announced during the closing ceremonies of the training for Rural Broadcasters last week.

Courses available for crops include cultural management practices of Abaca, Abaca pest Management, and Abaca Nursery establishment and management, basic urban gardening, growing bamboo for profit and healthy environment.

Managing common diseases in Banana, Integrated Pest Management for Banana, Growing Bananas in the Tropics, Citrus production, Arabica Coffee Production, Corn production, Durian Production, Production of High Value Vegetables in Protected Conditions, Jackfruit production.

Mango Production, Increasing Corn farm Productivity through Technologies, Introductory course in Rice Post Production technologies, Straw mushrooms Growing, Growing Vanda and Vandaceous Orchids, Piña Fiber Processing and Ubi production,

For livestock, opened courses are Establishing Freed resources for Goats, Starting a Slaughter Goat Enterprise, Technology alternatives to Traditional Feeding Management, Artificial insemination in Pigs, Basics of Pig production, and Quail production.

For Marine and Fisheries, ATI's e-extension has Pangasius Culture and Seaweed Farming.

For Social Technologies, available courses are in Basic Agricultural marketing Extension, Community organizing, Effective Human Communication and Human Relations, Extension delivery Systems 1, Training management and a Guide to Grant proposal Writing.

For sustainable agriculture, offered courses are Alternative Pest Management, Organic Fertilizer for Sustainable Agriculture, Vermi composting and Wood Vinegar Production.

All one needs to do is log on to, create a new account, fill out the necessary information including username and password and submit for an ema

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