Monday, June 19, 2017

Tagbi airport now opens 
to six flight destinations

TAGBILARAN CITY, June 16, (PIA)--Expect a little bit of air traffic build-up over Bohol beginning next week. 

Then opening only to flights serving the Tagbilaran to Manila and Tagbilaran, Tagbilaran airport would now cater to 5 local and an international destination. 

Beginning this week, Tagbilaran Airport would be ushering in four more flight destinations, some of them offering regular daily flights, according to Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Tagbilaran City Manager Engr. Dennis Aures. 

This week, Tagbilaran airport would be open a new spoke to Cebu, Caticlan, Clark and its first international flight to Incheon in South Korea. 

This is after the route Tagbilaran to Manila has been saturated by airbus services care of the big airlines like Philippine Airlines (PAL), AirAsia and Cebu Pacific (CebPac) Air.

Months back, CebPac also started offering four times weekly flights from Tagbilaran to Cagayan de Oro through a brand new ATR 72-600, a twin-engine short haul aircraft. 

CebPac's Tagbilaran to Cagayan de Oro flights are on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 2:15 PM.

This week, Tagbilaran starts accepting flights from Cebu and Caticlan for Boracay bound passengers, courtesy of AirJuan airlines; a new company that also offers flights using the 9 seater Cessna Grand Caravan in sea plane or runway configuration, helicopter and private jet charters. 

Air Juan flies from Cebu to Tagbilaran every 8:20 AM and 3:40 PM daily and flies back to Cebu every 9:10 AM and 4:20 daily, according to AirJuan customer service specialist Glenda Corvera.

Air Juan also offers a one hour and 15 minutes Tagbilaran-Caticlan flights every Monday and Thursday: Tagbilaran-Caticlan at 12:30 PM and Caticlan to Tagbilaran at 2:45 PM. 

Also from June 21 onwards, PAL starts its 7:00 AM Tagbilaran to Cebu flight via Airbus 320. The flight back to Tagbilaran from Mactan is 3:30 PM. 

PAL is still offering two flights from Tagbilaran to Manila: 10:45 or 1:15 AM and 4:30 PM and from Manila to tagbilaran at 8:55 or 9:10 and at 1:55 or at 2:10, according to Aures. 

This week, PAL would be opening its inaugural international flight to Incheon South Korea starting June 22 at 5:20 PM. The same plane leaves Korea at 2:30 AM and arrives in Tagbilaran at 6:00 AM. 

Form Tagbilaran, this same plane flies to Clark in Pampanga at 6:40 AM and flies back to Tagbilaran at 3:00 PM before going to Korea. 

Meanwhile, from three flights daily, CebPac has reduced their flights past the peak season for tourists 

Cebu Pacific used to offer for the Tagbilaran Manila route the following flights: 7:55 AM, 10:15 and 2:55 while its Manila Tagbilaran are set at 6:00 Am, 8:20 and 1:00 PM, airline ticketing office at the airport shared. 

According to CAAP, airplanes are given 30 minutes of ground time for unloading and embarking passengers and cargo. 

With this rather busier schedule, CAAP has assured that the airport can still accommodate the planes. 

It did not however say what would happen if a plane on tarmac suddenly meets a technical problem and a clearly more congested schedule is presented compared to the time when Tagbilaran only served the Tagbilaran Manila routes. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)
Boholanos thought this new Ceb-Pac flight was the best thing to happen to Tagbilaran airport this year when its opened opportunities for northern Mindanao connection . Recently however, PAL opens trips to Clark and Incheon as Air Juan last week opened Cebu and Caticlan trips. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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