Wednesday, June 14, 2017

PSA Bohol bares two 
simultaneous surveys 
ongoing this month

TAGBILARAN CITY, June 5, (PIA)--Two Bohol towns will not have the chance to get updated geotags in any of its barangays, but the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) said, they could be included in the next round. 

This as the PSA, the government statistical data gathering agency attempts to enhance its data banks by implementing a satellite-based geo-tagging to update its digital maps. 

According to Bohol Provincial Statistician Jessamyne Anne Alcazaren, the digitized mapping will get to all buildings in selected barangays in Bohol and upadtes its inventory which would now include the building material, owners and a snap shot of the infrastructure. 

PSA said the geo-tagging of buildings would happen in 192 of Bohol's 1109 barangays. 

The digitized mapping of buildings however would not happen in any of the barangays of Catigbian and Antequera, but these may be included in the next round. 

The PSA also pointed out that this month's geo-gets to barely 10% of Bohol's 1,109 barangays. 

Started the second week of May, the digitized mapping would update the PSA databanks on its effort to come up with a full digitally mapped Bohol and its barangays in 2020. 

By this time, all buildings would be identified and tagged, PSA said. 

As to the PSA, six digital mappers who have been roaming around target barangays since the 2nd week of May are now talking with building owners, categorizing buildings and structures and taking digital snapshots of these building before uploading them to a central server. 

They can be easily identifiable with the green and blue shirts they are wearing, Alcazaren describes the geo-tagging enumerators who would be wearing visible and readable identification cards while on survey. 

As this goes on, Alcarazen urges respondents in selected barangays to bear with the survey enumerators so that the government could obtain the necessary data. 

Speaking at the Kapihan sa PIA, Alcazaren added that this digital mapping survey or geo tagging would be the second survey which the PSA is implementing simultaneously this time. 

She said one other survey is the Annual Survey on Philippine Business and Industries (ASPBI) which surveys a sample of 271 business and industrial establishments with a minimum number of ten employees. 

In the next few months, the PSA, which has in Bohol the Bureau of Agricultural Statistics would also embark on its Regular Palay and Corn Stock Survey, its regular price survey and its soon to start July to August listing of farm households, PSA said.
In case you ask, the PSA runs two simultaneous surveys this time of year: annual business and industry and a digital mapping for all buildings in selected barangays, inform Bohol PSA head Jessamyne Anne Alcazaren at the Kapihan sa PIA. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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