Monday, June 5, 2017

Bohol cops score big 
at ASEAN, with ASG, 
keeping crimes down

TAGBILARAN CITY, June 2, (PIA)--Bohol police score big as they continue to perform key tasks in securing Bohol against terrorists and in keeping crimes on the downward curve in the last three months. 

This is according to a report by Bohol Provincial Investigation Detection and Management Bureau (PIDMB) in a report shared by Police Senior Inspector Vincent Paul Dumaguing. 

Briefing the members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) about the recent crime situation in Bohol, SInspector Dumaguing who presented the crime situationer in lieu of Bohol Police Provincial Chief in Camp Dagohoy, PSSupt. Felipe Natividad showed that the average monthly crime rate in the last three months as visible proof of the decrease. 

This is over the zero ASEAN related crimes, the arrest of a key police official set to rescue the remnants of the terrorist groups and the neutralization of the 12 bandits who tried sowing terror in Bohol and the Visayas. 

Average monthly crime rate in March is 49, a figure that went down to 45 in April and 38 in May. 

During the PPOC meeting Tuesday, PIDMB through Camp Dagohoy spokesperson PSInsp Dumaguing showed that crimes in Bohol last March reached 689, a figure that would soon be lowered in April with only 621 recorded in all blotters across the province. 

Pointing to a crime variance of 68 crimes, Camp Dagohoy also said the month showed a 9.86% decrease from March crimes. 

But that did not stop there. 

Not content with the decrease in crimes and pushing for a more peaceful Bohol, Bohol police all over the province recorded still a steady decline in crimes by May, historically Bohol's most crime laden fiesta month. 

From the 621 crimes recorded in April, despite the incursion of some members of the armed muslim extremists Abu Sayyaf Groud (ASG), Bohol still saw only 527 crime cases. 

Inspector Dumaguing said may saw 94 less crimes in the already decreased crimes in April and went on saying the month records a 15.14% decrease of crimes from its previous month. 

With this, Bohol Provincial Police Office also charted an acceptable crime solution efficiency at 60% in March, 56% in April and 51% in May. 

Its crime clearance efficiency is pegged at 64%, 58% and 42% in the same months. 

In a graphical presentation of comparative index and non index crimes, Camp Dagohoy showed a promising all-decreased figure for index and non index crimes.

Bohol's index crimes in March to May is 233, 219 and 161, while its non index crimes are 456, 402 and 366; all trending down. 

Topping Bohol's index crimes against persons in the past three months is physical injuries, which consistently towered against rape, murder and homicide. 

For index crimes against property, theft still tops, followed by robbery, car napping and cattle rustling, Camp Dagohoy said. 

In Bohol too, traffic related incidents top the non index crimes, reaching 560 cases in the last 3 months. 

Moreover, for March until May 25, Bohol police, through its Drug Enforcement Unit helped in accounting for the P37, 458, 864 worth of dangerous drugs in a total of 87 operations. 

That same period, Bohol police operatives were instrumental in the capture and neutralization of PSupt Maria Cristina Nobleza who was to rescue the remaining ASG, her bomb expert driver and the 12 ASG who attempted to terrorize Bohol and the Visayas. 

The PNP, who comprised the biggest bulk of security during the international gathering of leaders in the region, also scored high with the zero ASEAN related incident in Bohol, PSinsp Dumaguing said. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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