Monday, May 29, 2017

Bring complaints against 
DepED, PTA to right fora

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 22, (PIA)--It's not helping. 

Thus says Bohol Federated Parents Teachers Association (PTA) President Lani Labado, to parents who not only criticize contribution policies but also spread malice against it. 

The issue of contributions in school cropped up in time when another school year 2017-2018 opens up June 5, barely two weeks from now. 

And just as the Department of Education (DepED) assures every parent or guardian that no collections would be done to deter anyone from enrollment, in line with Education for All, issues about collections decided by the PTA are the most floated irritant, admits Labado. 

Speaking at the Kapihan sa PIA, the PTA federation chief clarified that even DepED has allowed the collection of legal contributions beginning August. 

By legal contributions, the DepED means Boys Scouts membership, Girls Scouts Membership, Philippine Red Cross and still a handful of contributions whose collections have been decided by the PTA in its general assembly or its homeroom group. 

School collections and contributions are banned, at least until August, DepED school supervisor Lope Hubac added, reminding everyone no contributions collection would ever deter one from getting back to school. 

But beyond the usual legal contributions Hubac talked about, Labado said the PTA and the Homeroom groups can, upon agreement, put up a system for pooling of funds school activities. 

The problem however lies with those who criticize the PTA agreements in the collection of contributions. 

Had they attended the meetings, they would know why the groups decide to pool funds, and they too can argue against it, Labado, who has to travel from Antequera to attend the radio forum, reasoned out. 

Instead of admitting they waived their right to represent their ideas and suggestions, many have gone to social media or radio text complaints. 

On this, Labado said there is no other better way to get clarified: ask from the right persons. 

By right persons, she means school authorities or PTA officials. 

If they start complaining at other fora, they would tend to get more wrong information, further aggravating the situation, DepED officials said. 

Get your complaints, issues and concerns to the appropriate forum, officials who would have to be burdened with explaining decisions urged. 

No, it is not even that the DepEd is defending the PTA, it is because the DepED sees that the PTA is an independent organization and would most likely assert for the member's decisions.

To help therefore in educating the community, officials dare these complainants: come to the meetings and let your voices be heard. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)
DepED Supervisor Lope Hubac and FPTA President Lani Labado urge parents who intend to be enlightened by school collection policies to come to the proper forum to get clarified. The social media and the text complaints may even aggravate more the situation as listeners may have to take the issue out of context. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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