Monday, March 27, 2017

LIGA seeks permanent posts for
barangay secretaries, treasurers

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 21, (PIA)—The League of Barangay Councils (LIGA) in Bohol has sent three resolutions italicizing their intent to streamline the records and finances in the barangays.

Board Member Romulo Cepedoza, LIGA president in Bohol admitted this during the recent Kapihan sa PIA.

He said there is a perceived and a real problem in keeping records in the barangays with the present set up where the barangay treasurers and secretaries work as co terminus upon appointment by the barangay chairman.

Instead, LIGA intends to make the position of the two barangay officials as permanent.

He stressed that record keeping in the barangays can be streamlined and a continuity of records can be assured with the permanent position set up for the two barangay officials.

The Bohol Association of Barangay Councils specifically took note that many of the barangays now have problems in keeping track of barangay finances considering that barangay captains who handpick his barangay secretary and treasurer may find his choices booted out or replaced as he loses or uses up his term of office.

“We can understand that a secretary and a treasurer is a “trust” position, and gives the barangay chairmen the privilege to mold his team upon assumption, explains Cepedoza during the radio forum aired live over DyTR and broadcast live on twitter and facebook.

But, the problem often surfaces when there is a change in leadership, stressed the head of 1109 barangays in Bohol who came fresh from a session at the Provincial Sanggunian.

As soon as the barangay captain ends his term, by reason of the co terminus appointment, it follows that the appointees also end their terms, he narrated.

Records during the term are often brought and not turned over, so the barangay will have to start all over from scratch.

That is exactly the reason why many barangays have un-liquidated cash advances because the records could not be seen, them being carried by the barangay treasurer whose term also automatically goes with the chairman.

Among the government sectors with the most cases filed at the Office of the Ombudsman, the Association of Barangay Councils rank third after the Department of Education and Local Government Units.

Along this line, BM Cepedoza insists that by making the barangay treasurers and secretaries permanent positions, it lends unto these officials the security of tenure and the responsibility to sustain the records of the barangays.

He added that the said resolutions and reiterations have also been supported by many barangays across the country, who also intend to streamline their fiscal management and records management processes.

The ABC in Bohol has since hoped that the move could further snowball and force the appropriate legislation to finally set up the streamlined processes and significantly improve local governance. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)
BM Romulo Cepedoza explains how it would matter if the key positions in the barangay become permanent, one maybe drastically cutting on the unliquidated cash advances suits of barangay officials. (PIA-7/Bohol)

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