Monday, March 27, 2017

City increases subsidy 
to Saulog streetdance

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 24 (PIA)--It is going to be a grander, livelier and more colorful Saulog this year. 

The City Government under Mayor John Geesnell Yap has increased its financial assistance to Saulog street-dancing contingents from P250,000 to P350,000 starting this year, and observers see it as a motivation for a better celebration. 

At this, the city's 15 districts preparations for the street dancing thanks giving for the intercession of Saint Joseph the worker shift to high gear this week with the Saulog sa Tagbilaran Festivities started off March 16. 

City Information Officer Fiel Angeli Arao-arao Gabin announced this at the weekly Kapihan sa PIA intended to drumbeat the annual feast of thanks giving to Saint Joseph, Tagbilaran City's patron saint. 

The windfall is a subsidy for barangays who would be spending in putting up an 80-100 man contingent for the Saulog and would be used to pay for the props, production design and the artistic designers and choreographers including refreshments during rehearsals. 

Everybody knows who hard it is to organize a dancing contingent, the cost of mobilizing 80-100 dancers, instrumentalists, propsmen, artistic directors, production crew and production support, Gabin pointed out. 

Saulog season has also become a season boosting local industries: arts and design, costume production, even small catering industries, she pointed out. 

Now on its fifth year, Saulog sa Tagbilaran was conceptualized as a thanksgiving for the blessings given by St Joseph to Tagbilaranons. 

It includes a wide range of activities as opening salvo to set the pace for the month-long fiesta month in Bohol, explains Gabin who was among the core group who conceptualized the Saulog five years ago.

Among the highlight of the Saulog is the street dancing and ritual offering to celebrate the life of St Joseph and give thanks for his intercession of the graces for the people. 

Saulog grew from its humble beginnings, Gabin recalls when they started an event in 2013 with less than a month before the first Saulog streetdancers take to the streets. 

And when Philippine street dancing festivals automatically give in to the Latin inspired mardigras, Saulog intends to keep in its routine steps a carpenter's basic acts: hammering, planing and cutting by saw, according to Gabin. 

When there is a noted tendency for street festivals to pick on the latin beat, Gabi said Saulog may adapt some basic latin forms but insists the carpentry steps must be incorporated in the dance.

Culture is evolving and considering that we share religious based festivals, there are similarities in steps with other major festivals, but we made sure we have a distinct features in the street dancing, she added. 

For one, when most religious festivals allow dancers to hand carry the religious icons, Saulog will still have San Jose borne in a caro during the street dancing procession. 

The Saulog street dancing procession takes the kilometer-long distance from the Cathedral to the CPG sports complex, organizers said. 

Contingents take to the city's main street and using a progressive steps, advance to the complex where they are also expected to present a 5-minute ritual dance for San Jose, Gabin capped. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Expect a grander Saulog Tagbilaran Streetdancing Festival as the City Government increased its subsidy for the Saulog from P250,000 to P350,000, hints city information officer Fiel Gabin during the recent Kapihan sa PIA. (rahc/PIA-7/Bohol)

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