Monday, January 23, 2017

“Go after vehicle owners”
Dads tell traffic enforcers

TAGBILARAN CITY, January 21 (PIA)—If the push carries on, traffic enforcers and deputies may have one more thing against minor drivers, or those operating vehicles without licenses. 

At the recent Provincial Peace and Order Council Meeting at the Governor’s Mansion, no less than Prosecutor Macario Delusa reminded traffic enforcers and road deputized agents that they still have one ace in keeping traffic in control. 

Already feeling the pangs of traffic congestion with the influx of cheap cars and easy to own motorcycles, traffic deputies in the city have their hands full in keeping the streets passable.

Add to that the rising number of motorists on the road, the easing up economy and the loose implementation of traffic regulations and the problem worsens. 

In November for example, crime statisticians at Camp Dagohoy, Bohol’s police headquarters bared that there were 8 recorded homicides, reads PSuperintendent Lorenzo Batuan.

Delivering his report for PSSupt. Felipe Natividad, Supt Batuan also added that during the month, they noted 44 cases where traffic incidents caused damage to property and a staggering 123 cases of traffic related physical injuries.

Camp Dagohoy police noted that of the total 175 crimes, a huge portion of it involved drivers without licenses, minors and unregistered vehicles. 

Even PPOC Chairman and Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto also noted that in his sorties all over the province, he witnessed young drivers who sometimes are not tall enough to tap the motorcycle gears. 

Severely undermanned and still embroiled in fixing controversy at their local offices, Land Transportation Office authorities represented by Florencio Balazuela admits they can only do their best in making their presence on the streets effective. 

While the LTO admits they can only do as much, police officers deputized traffic as agents said they have been apprehending minors without driver’s licenses but, being minors, they can’t be booked. 

On this, fiscal Delusa suggested they still apprehend these illegal drivers, be they minors of adults without licenses, but instead of getting to them the pressure, vent it instead on the owners upon whose names the vehicles are registered. 

Citing the Traffic Code of the Philippines and the penal code, Delusa, said they authorities can go for the vehicle owners for allowing unlicensed individuals to get on their vehicles. 

Delus, who also agreed with the observation that more and more drivers are illegally driving despite absence of licenses, hinted that reducing traffic bulk may dent on traffic related accidents that has been raising a constant alarm during PPOC meetings. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
Prosecutor Macario Delusa reminded traffic enforcers that they still can have a way against minors driving without licenses despite their being immune from imprisonment. Getting the owners of the vehicles driven by unauthorized persons to pay for penalties or get sued can greatly reduce the bulk of traffic that are in the  first place, there illegally on the road.  (rac/PIA-7/Bohol) 

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