Monday, January 30, 2017

Chatto swears in KABOG for 
sustainable tourism in Bohol

TAGBILARAN CITY, January 23 (PIA)--A few days after declaring its adherence to the International year for Sustainable Tourism Development, Bohol through Governor Edgar Chatto took another step closer to a sustainable and better Bohol tourism promotions and development by inducting into office a new set of officers for Bohol's active tour guides group. 

Even then, Gov Chatto stressed the need for professional storytelling of Bohol and its wonders to importantly allow the tourists to make the connection and end in loving Bohol even more. 

Italicizing the bright future for Bohol which tourism officials project to get 4.3 million tourist share in 2017, Chatto, who also met with Miss Universe organizers January 23 at the airport said he sees bright year for Bohol. 

The Miss Universe organizers, who have been thought several areas in the country, accordingly said Bohol by far is the best island they have set foot. 

Definitely, they would be back, Chatto told the tour guides a few minutes after the simple ceremonies at the Mansion January 23. 

And for Kahugpungan sa mga Bol-anong Guides (KABOG) Inc., having professionals as members is not enough, being professionals is key in a sustainable tourism dream for Bohol. 

Already hailed as among those who have toiled to let Boholanos continue to benefit from the industry that has been among the engines that gave Bohol its fastest transition to an altered economic landscape, KABOG tour guides have been the constant refuge of tour operators needing well trained guides for their dear guests. 

Elected officers for KABOG and sworn to office are women advocate Doris Dinorog Obena as President, Holy Name University professor Erico Joseph Cañete as Vice President and Provincial Tourism Council executive Director and former HNU professor Emmylou Palacio Noel as Secretary. 

The group's treasurer is ECPAT's and women and children's rights advocate Janic Sofia Talip; Bohol Tourism Office development officer and Bohol in-house tour guide Cristopher Bongcales while Press Relations Officers are former tour organizer Adelina Arisola and Jessa Scarlet Cagampang. 

To maintain and sustain its members' capabilities and skills, Obena also heads the training and capability building committee which has Angeli Myra Tiu, Mariflor Ferre, Concepcion Calatrava and Elmer Hamili as point persons and members. 

For the group's ethics and internal affairs, VP Cañete has Gwendolyn Hinolan, University of Bohol professor Unilyn Solon and then DOT Awardee for Best Tour Guide Teresa Mapute.

With Sec Noel at the membership Committee are tour events specialists Nerissa Caong, Adelina Arisola while committee on social functions are with Bongcales with Jessa Scarlet Cagampang and Arre Omar Kibir. 

For finance and resource mobilization, Janic Talip sits with Mitzi Recio and Jorge Viñas. 

Last week, Gov Chatto earned for Bohol the distinction as the first province to declare 2017 as the United Nations' World Tourism Organization's International year for Sustainable Tourism for Development, during the launching of the 17th Ubi Festival. 

That same day the governor officiated the oath-taking of tour guides was also the same day Miss Univers 2017 organizers and reigning Miss Universe Pia Wurtzbach visited Bohol to coordinate for the video shoot to be used in the coronation rites next week. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
Sustainable tourism for Bohol through disciplined, trained and well-versed front-liners is what Kahugpungan sa mga Bol-anong Guides (KABOG) committed to Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto during the recent Oath-taking ceremonies the governor officiated for the tour guide's 2017 officers. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Supporting Committees for the tour guides are sworn by Gov Edgar Chatto at the Mansion the same day de relayed the Miss Universe Organizing Committee' members' resolve to get back to Bohol on their personal schedules to experience the most beautiful island they have been to in the country. Earlier, Gov CHatto also inducted to service the top KABOG officers. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
KABOG Officers and supporting committee members enjoying light moments with Gov Edgar Chatto during the induction rites January 23 at the mansion--(rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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