Monday, May 30, 2016

6-day Brigada Eskwela rolls to B-Unido kick-off, May 30

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 27 (PIA)--Education stakeholders and those concerned communities for educating children roll their sleeves and get dirty anew as the annual national schools maintenance program opens Monday Amy 30 until June 4 and onwards. 

And like the annual school maintenance program ably packaged as Brigada Eskwela, Department of Education (DepED) officials urge all education stakeholders to participate and contribute their time, effort, resources to ensure that all public school facilities are ready for the school opening in June this year. 

Through memorandum no 35 series of 2016, DepED adopts the theme "Tayo Para sa Paaralang Ligtas, Maayos at Handa Mula Kindergarten Hanggang Senior High School." 

As such, speaking at the Kapihan sa PIA Thursday, Bohol Division Superintendent Dr. Wilfreda Bongalos said they have mobilized their Adopt a School Program coordinators to ensure effective and community participated 6-day public elementary and secondary maintenance effort. 

Referring to DepED memo No. 35, Dr. Bongalos also reminds groups or individuals from national government agencies, local government units, private sector, international organizations, volunteers and interested to join to coordinate with beneficiary schools for guidance. 

As the annual Brigada Eskwela officially opens, Dr Bongalos reminds everyone joining that the school maintenance program espouses volunteerism, so [it is] not mandatory or requisite for parents to get assured of their children's accommodation in schools, or fees solicitation.

In subsequent memorandum, the Bohol Division top official brought up safety and preparedness measures as among the things schools must adopt in the Brigada Eskwela. 

Work therefore need to be aimed at making schools prevent fire incidents, pruning trees touching wires, repairing broken fixtures, revamping old electrical lines, making fixtures accident proof through clean and unobstructed pathways, well marked no-access areas, posting of exit and evacuation directional signs, designating evacuation centers.

To make schools disaster proof, Brigada volunteers can post directory of emergency contact numbers, set up warning system, put in first aid kits, keep records safe, keeping of safe supply of water, keeping student family database of contacts and document disaster incidents plus coordinate with barangays for pedestrian safety.

For disaster risk proofing, volunteers can help schools put up safe records storage, and safekeeping of school equipment. 

On Monday, Dr. Bongalos said the kick-off ceremony would he held after a Brigada Eskwela Caravan leaving Division Office at 6:00 AM to Bien Unido where a program would officially start the school maintenance events at the Carlos P Garcia Technical Vocational School in town. 

At the program, Brigada Eskwela 2015 winners would be awarded on a per district category of small and large schools in the elementary and secondary levels, Bongalos said. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Best Brigada 2015 implementers to get awards at May 30 kick-off

TAGBILARAN CITY, May 27 (PIA)--Call it volunteerism at its best and a community nurturing for the best in their kids' education, because that is what people of Lila Bohol showed to the entire Central Visayas and the country. 

A public secondary school there, reaped regional and even a national award for last year's national showcase of selfless voluntarism in time for the national schools maintenance week 2015, for that, the Department of Education (DepED) said. 

Lila National High School (LNHS) under principal Cerlito Romero is Bohol's, the region's and is a national awardee for being the best Balike Eskwela 2015 implementer, said Bohol; Division superintendent Wilfreda Bongalos recently. 

LNHS and Romero proved that Lilanhons and Boholanos can be counted on when education becomes a concern and the community is needed to get it done. 

LNHS Brigada Eskwela 2015 volunteers proved they are not just the province's best volunteer group, they also barged into the regional finals and won hands down as Central Visayas' best secondary school Brigada group last year.

And if you think it is the end for LNHS, see this. The feat even sent the Third District secondary school awardee to reap a national award. 

Like all Brigada Eskwela 2016 awardees, the winners need to pile up points in completed school improvement repair and maintenance work based on school improvements plan, volunteer participations which includes private sector, community involvement and national or local government participation; all totaling 70% of the rating, states Dr. Bolos. 

Also with the best Brigada Eskwela group selection category is the amount of resources generated converted in peso equivalent, she added.

Resources totaling P75K and above for small schools and 200K and above for big schools earn them 20% , the smaller the generated resources, the smaller the rating. 

Finally, school maintenance volunteer groups earn ratings according to how they aligned their work according to the Brigada annual them, for which 10% is at stake, the public school superintendent noted. 

LNHS leads this year's awardees during the Brigada Eskwela 2016 kick off ceremonies and awarding for 2015 winners at the Carlos P. Garcia Technical Vocational School set Monday, May 30.

The day also officially start the 6 day national schools maintenance program, Bongalos shared. 

At the Kapihan sa PIA Thursday May 26, Dr Bongalos also read the Division Level Brigada Eskwela winners. 

For small elementary schools, the best is Ubojan Elementary School of Tubigon East District, while Estaca Elementary School in Pilar District wins for big elementary schools.

Second and third best for the small schools elementary category are San Jose ES in Sierra Bullones and Jose Elementary School in Pres CPG District.

For big elementary schools, second and third best are Catarman ES in Dauis and San Pascual ES in Ubay. 

In the high school levels, winners for the small school category are first: Lonoy Heroes memorial NHS of Jagna, second: Sto. Nino NHS of Talibon and third: Cong Pablo Malasarte NHS of Balilihan.

For Big high schools, winners are first: Lila NHS of Lila, second: Sandingan NHS Loon Norts and Pres CPG memorial NHS of Talibon, Bohol. 


The DepED also released the congressional district winners for the best Brigada 2015 implementers.

They are for District 1 small schools elementary: first Ubojan ES Tubigon, 2nd, Guiwanon ES Tubigon and 3rd Lourdes ES Panglao. 

District 2 small schools elementary winners: 1st: San Jose ES Pres CPS, 2md: Bay-ang ES Ubay, 3rd: Concepcion ES Danao. 

District 3: first: San Jose ES Sierra Bullones, 2nd: Buenasuerte ES Pilar, and 3rd: Lobogon ES Duero. 

For big schools category, first District winners are first: Catarman ES Dauis, 2nd: Tibigon West ES Tubigon, 3rd: Doljo ES Panglao.

For District 2 winners for big schools are first: San pascula ES Ubay, 2nd: Pres CPG CES CPG, 3rd: Inabanga South ES Inabanga. 

District 3 winners for big schools, first: Estaca ES PIlar, Candijay Central ES, Candijay and Sierra Bullones Central ES, Sierra Bullones. 


Small schools category Brigada winners for District 1, 1st: Cong Palo Malasarte NMHS Balilihan, 2nd: Busao NHS Maribojoc, 3rd: Mantacoda NHS Catigbian. 

District 2 small secondary schools category first: Sto Nino NHS Talibon, 2nd: Cantubod NHS Danao, 3rd: Kinan-oan NHS Trinidad. 

District 3 small secondary category: Lonoy Heroes MNHS Jagna, 2nd: Tambongan NHS Candijay, 3rd: Amb Pablo Suarez Jr. NHS Carmen.

For big secondary high schools First District Brigada implementer winners are first: Sandingan NHS Loon, 2nd: Lourdes NHS Panglaoand 3rd: Sikatuna NHS, Sikatuna. 

In the Second District, big school secondary winners are Pres CPG MNHS Talibon, Hinlayagan NHS Trinidad and San Jose NHS Talibon. 

For the 3rd District big shigh schools category, winners are: Lila NHS Lila, Sierra Bullones TVHS Sierra Bullones and Guinacot NHS Guindulman. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)