Monday, December 5, 2016

Police accomplished 99%
of Nov drug war targets 

TAGBILARAN CITY, December 2 (PIA)--Bohol police accomplished 99% from their targets of bringing to 2130 drug personalities the warning that their continued implication with drugs can be a hassle. 

From the moment Bohol police commenced Oplan Double Barrel Alpha, October 26 to November 24 this year, 2055 have surrendered and showed themselves to authorities, 46 have been arrested and two were killed fighting against authorities accounting for the 2103 drug personalities given the proper warning to stop of suffer the consequences, according to Camp Dagohoy Operations chief PSuperintendent Lorenzo Batuan. 

Using a chopsuey of menu to bring the warnings, elements of police stations all over Bohol implemented Toktok-Hangyo Alpha, Tapok-Hangyo, Text-Hangyo and a newly unleashed Prosperity Toktong-Hangyo (PROTOK) to get to those personalities listed by the barangay drug abuse councils and the municipal drug abuse councils. 

The names are constantly validated and those who have previously surrendered but slid back to the illegal business are operated upon: raided, their homes searched and are confirmed through test buys, Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency officer for Bohol Agent Ferdinand Kintanar explained. 

Earlier, police have implemented a target of 4,606 for surrendering, arrest or neutralization from October to end of December, PSUpt Batuan said. 

But amidst fears that this quota could force police to go creative and anchor the drug fight accomplishment on the numbers, thus fabricate stories to hit the targets, Bohol police provincial Director PSSupt Felipe Natividad assured, nothing of such would happen. 

Rising to the occasion to defend the police, PSSupt Natividad said, "we are not that desperate."

Pointing to the bulk of accomplishments as "surrenderers," the top chief added that they are more of the clearing operations and would rather talk to the drug personalities into peacefully giving up the vice than get arrested. 

"Your PNP would never do that," Natividad stressed. 

Earlier on, Bohol police have accounted for over 30,000 drug surrenderers and arrests as Oplan Double Barrel ended October 27. 

Oplan Double Barrel Alpha would usher in the official clearing of barangays and towns as drug free, one that Natividad asid, would have to be multisectoral, collaborative and inter-agency in approach. 

This means that the Philippine National Police, the Department of Interior and Local Government and the PDEA would have to unify their lists to ascertain if the area is really freed. 

Last week, SPO4 Quinciano Lopena admitted then that clearing a site from drugs is not just a declaration of a single agency; it has to be validated from the list kept by other law enforcement agencies. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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