Monday, December 19, 2016

PDEA: Keep kids in check, 
2,540 minors into drugs

TAGBILARAN CITY, December 14, (PIA) –Alarmed over the growing number of minors implicated in the drug trade and use, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) appeals to parents, to follow up on their wards.

“We urge the parents, the society in general to help us in the campaign [against drugs],“ PDEA Bohol chief Ferdinand Kintanar appealed during a radio forum aired over DyTR.

“This is a campaign we can not win over without your help,” the Bohol narcotics chief added even as the Philippine National Police (PNP), the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) and other law enforcement agencies have been pooled to simultaneously support the PDEA in eradicating drug problem.

The PDEA through its Bohol chief, acted in the information that most of the kids, or minors involved in drugs are from broken or unstable families.

Speaking over Kapihan sa PIA to advance the advocacy for crime prevention, Kintanar added that families with parents working abroad, have the means to buy drugs and may not trust a family member to share their problems.

In a separate event, at a meeting of the Bohol Council on the Protection of Children (BCPC), Provincial Social Welfare and Development Officer Carmelita Tecson showed alarm at the number of children involved in drugs trade and usage.

In a report culled from the Municipal Women and Children’s Desks, the PNP collated Oplan Double Barrel showed about 2,540 children among those who surrendered to police authorities.

By children, the PNP meant below 18 years old, a suspect going as young as elementary pupil.

Tecson said that the 2,540 forms 7.5% of the total number of “surrenderers” which Bohol PNP accounted from July to November this year.

Of that number, 2,491 were males who confessed to have used illegal substances especially shabu.

Another 13 were males who sold shabu and 4 admitted to have been acting as drug mules, transporting illegal substances across police security lines, BCPC report said.
In the same report, the PNP also noted 31 girls confessing as drug users, Tecson read to the Gender and Development Technical Working Group members.

One girl admitted to have been selling dangerous drugs too. 
This development too pushed the issue on the need for the establishment in Bohol of a home for children in conflict with the law.

Bohol Provincial Government has been streamlining for the establishment of a facility for the rehabilitation of children in conflict with the law.

Along the move, Bohol then submitted a project proposal for the establishment of the center which, was endorsed by the Provincial Development Council to the Social Development Committee of the Regional Development Council in 2015.

According to Bohol OPSWD, the same information was sent to the Department of Social Welfare and Development.

Tecson also said the DSWD has positively acted on the proposal, and notified Bohol that P10M of the Bohol Youth Home would be funded under the Juvenile Justice Welfare Code fund.

But, Bohol accordingly need to finalize the site of the facility while revision of the earlier proposal’s program of works may have to be revised, Tecson said.

She however said that instead of the P5M local counterpart for the BYH, Bohol has allocated P10M. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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