Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Bohol crimes continue 
to dive in November

CORTES, Bohol, December 24, (PIA)— Despite an admitted lessening of drug arrests with personalities completely stopping or venturing in some other places, crime volume in Bohol continue to slide down, this time at 22.4% in November compared to the previous month. 

And at the accomplishment, Bohol Governor Edgar Chatto assured everyone: your sacrifices for Bohol would not go unnoticed. 

At the recent Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) meeting at the Governor’s Mansion, Bohol Provincial Police in Camp Dagohoy bared that despite the dwindling number of persons arrested in relation to the President’s anti-drug war, the crime downtrend persists. 

Speaking for Camp Dagohoy, Police Superintendent Lorenzo Batuan showed that of the 227 index crimes reported in October, the figure reduced to 197 in November. 

This is some 14% decrease in index crime volume. 

As to non index crimes, Colonel Batuan also cited a similar decrease: a much bigger and more pronounced dip at 26.2%. 

In October, non index crimes in Bohol went as high 503 cases, according to Camp Dagohoy crime trackers. 

By November, the figure dipped to 317, which police credited to their efforts despite notable disparity in their number of operations and the number of person arrested. 

Previously, police authorities basked in relative success when their raids almost always nets a criminal. 

That was way back when drug problem was more pronounced and drug personalities thought the campaign would just be another one of the ningas cogon attempts. 

Due to this, the total crime volume in November could only reach 566 as compared to October’s 730. 

The month therefore netted a decrease of 164 cases, an accomplishment that trended in Bohol since July. 

Of the same period, top index crimes are still theft, physical injuries, and robbery. 

Theft cases reported in police blotters across the province totaled 76 cases, physical injury cases reached 74 cases and robbery stayed at an even 27 cases in November, Col. Batuan showed. 

As to non-index crimes, violation of special laws dove most remarkably at 44% from 155 to 87 in November. 

Other non index crimes posted and 11 % decrease from 122 to 109 while traffic related incidents, another kind of non-index crime also pegged a 23% decrease. 

In October, traffic related incidents reached 226 which went down to 175 in November. 

For the month, Bohol also enjoys an 11% decrease in average monthly crime rate which in November is nailed at 41 from 52.9 in October. 

As to average monthly index crime rate in November, Bohol enjoys 14.1 crimes compared to the 16.6 in October. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
More operations now net fewer arrests, reported PSupt Lorenzo Batuan, who asserted that the campaign against drugs has largely reduced crimes and supply in the streets. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)  

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