Monday, December 5, 2016

Absence of checkpoints
increased which crimes?

TAGBILARAN CITY, December 1 (PIA)--Crimes in Bohol may have increased, but the absence of checkpoints allowing the free movement of criminals did little to the increase in robbery and theft as expected.

During the recent Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) Meeting held at the Governor's Mansion, Camp Dagohoy, through operations officer Police Superintendent Lorenzo Batuan reported an increase of 64 crime cases in Bohol in October against September. 

September had 666 cases (216 index and 450 non index crimes) while October tallied 730 cases comprising of 227 index and 503 non index crimes, he pointed out. 

And while people assumed that the president's order of setting aside checkpoints could bloat the crime statistics, well, it did, but not for the crimes most expect to happen.

Except for rape which went up three cases with only 8 in September, theft went down nine cases from 96 in September. 

Robbery may have increased, but for one case over September, it has become insignificant.

Cattle rusting surged, a phenomena police still could not categorically pinpoint as to the cause.

But when the index crimes increase could not be solely the culprit, non index crimes in Bohol surged making the total crime volume increase all the more noticeable. 

For non index crimes, cases of traffic related incidents zoomed to 33% over September's 93 cases while damage to property in traffic related incidents spiked to 54%, Camp Dagohoy said. 

Other non index crimes, meaning other than those violations of special laws, also scratched a mark at 18 cases of 17% more than in September, Superintendent Batuan said. 

With the absence of roadblocks in the form of checkpoints, many people expected that criminal elements would retake their claims as kings of the road driving crimes up especially robbery and theft.

Although nobody has explained it yet, the absence of roadblocks and checkpoints may have prodded reckless drivers who would take to the streets without any authority obstructing them. 

Even then, Camp Dagohoy operations chief said he would order the reinstallation of checkpoints and roadblocks to keep crimes at bay and make Bohol a safe place for business to flourish. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
To reinstate the checkpoints, this was the Camp Dagohoy statement after a noted spike in crimes with the directive to abandon checkpoints and strategic roadblocks. But instead of robbery and theft, what increased were physical injuries and damage to property, all from traffic incidents. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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