Friday, November 11, 2016

Least poverty magnitude towns
within Metro Tagbilaran Cluster

TAGBILARAN CITY, November 10 (PIA)--Towns in the metro Tagbilaran cluster may have the fastest annual average population growth rates, but believe it or not, their poverty magnitude is the least in Bohol. 

According to the recent survey determining the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), eight of the towns in the metro-Tagbilaran cluster are in fact where poverty is thinnest. 

If by the new proxy means test used after the reviews and refurbished NHTS PR can be the basis, Corella town with only 1,650 poor individuals living in 257 households, is the least number of poor people needing social protection from the government. This is 15% poverty magnitude, according to Listahanan presented by DSWD project development officer Ruben Boybanting 

As to the Philippine Statistics Authority in its 2015 Census of Population, Corella which is ten kilometers east of Tagbilaran, earned a 2.24% AAPGR. 

After Corella is Antequera, which has some 2,997 poor individuals in some 613 households. Antequera's AAPGR is not among Bohol's top ten. 

Third with the least in poverty magnitude in Bohol is Maribojoc, which had 1.38% AAPGR. 

Maribojoc has 4,397 poor individuals in 922 households or a poverty magnitude of 21%. 

Loboc has 3,380 individuals found to be poor from 720 households. The town is also not in Bohol top ten with high AAPGR. 

The next towns with least poverty magnitude are Panglao with 4,928 individuals and 1,055 households at AAPGR of 3.01%; Alburquerque with 1,827 in 414 households but with an AAPGR at 1.25%. 

Baclayon, has 3,801 individuals who are identified poor and 882 households. Baclayon earned 2.10 AAPGR, among the ten in Tagbilaran's fastest growing populations. 

Cortes town comes eighth with 3,272 poor individuals and living in 796 households or a poverty magnitude of 24%. Its AAPGR is pegged sine 2015 at 1.91%. 

Of the 8 towns with the least in poverty magnitude, only Loboc and Antequera are not in the top ten list of towns with highest AAPGR. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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