Monday, November 7, 2016

Cheaper, fresher fish as BFAR 
turns over fish landing center

INABANGA Bohol, November 3 (PIA)--Cheaper, fresher fish and sanitary displays in a one-stop venue for consumers and its fisherfolks: this is the assurance to Inabangnons during the turn-over of the P3 million Community Fish Landing Center inside the Inabanga Public Market Complex in barangay Ilaud, November 3. 

The new Community Fish Landing Center in Inabanga is one of the 8 such facilities the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) allocated for Bohol in 2016, and the first completed said BFAR Regional Director Andres Bojos. 

"It would be a legacy of BFAR RD Andres Bojos who would be bowing out after 41 years of government service," said Inabanga Mayor Josephine Socorro Jumamoy, who felt honored to be the town's conduit for the government project in the new facility. 

"We are just instruments of the government for a project like this," Mayor Jumamoy told the modest crowd who also erupted in applause when BFAR 7 RD Bojos announced the additional P300,000.00 worth of livelihood projects for the fishers of coastal or island barangays of Cuaming, Lawis, Hambungan, Tungod, Cagawasan and Ondol. 

Faced with fish prices issues due to deprivation fishers of post harvest facilities, the new fish landing center would be equipped with chest freezers, an ice-plant, stainless steel display stalls and processing plants to make sure fishers get the value of their catch and lose nothing, RD Bohol explained.

The BFAR 7 Chief who would be retiring November 10 also continued by challenging fishers at the gathering to make sure the facility serves its purpose: have fish here and use the facility properly. 

He also called on the people to continue protecting the municipal waters of the town, so the next generation would have the same resources enjoyed today. 

An NGO worker who organizes communities for USAID ECOFISH project Anecita Gulayan, in a separate interview explained that the mangroves and wide spawning areas of Inabanga: mangroves flats, sea grass beds, largely conserved corals help make the town and its waters a rich fishing ground.  

The fish landing center would also be a venue for fisherfolk organization meetings, trainings and where they can share the post harvest equipment and learn the technology of production, added incoming BFAR RD Allan Poquita who is also a Boholano. 

Now, the local folksong lyric "gibaligya sa merkadong guba," wouldn't apply anymore to Inabanga, Poquita who used to be Bohol Fishery Officer stressed, meaning the new facility. 

In her message during the event turn-over, Mayor Jumamoy rallied her people to unite to show to the world how Inabangnons are bound by the principles of protecting [its] marine resources and environment for the future generations. 

Inabanga has implemented an integrated community based coastal resource management project where it earned certification levels 1 and 2 for CRMP in 2001-2002. 

The management plan included upland and coastal resource management plan which are community based in approach and assures widest participation and community ownership, Inabanga CRM coordinator Reynante Cempron intoned. 

The town also earned Ramsar wetlands conservation award and even represented the country's wetlands in Uganda, Cempron also volunteered the information. 

Inabanga's conservation and wise use of its wetlands largely contributed to the over-all goal of sustainable food and thus development in the town, Cempron divulged. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
Mayor Josephine Socorro Jumamoy leads Inabanga fisherfolks and the BFAR and local government officials in thanking the government for the P3 million Community Fish Landing Center which would largely benefit the poor fisher folks in saving their harvest from spoiling. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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