Friday, November 11, 2016

Boholano gets BFAR-7 
regional director seat

TAGBILARAN CITY, October 27 (PIA)--A week before he could formally take over the seat, a Boholano who would be assuming the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) 7 regional directors seat, got himself booked for a few days' job in office. 

At the short program accompanying the turn-over of the P3 million Inabanga Community Fish Landing Center (CFLC) constructed inside Inabanga Public Market in Ilaud, no less that BFAR 7 regional Director Andres Bojos who announced the eventual succession. 

At the same time, RD Bojos, who officiated the turn-over of BFAR facility to Mayor Josephine Socorro Jumamoy and the people of Inabanga, also announced that Boholano Assistant Regional Director Dr. Allan Poquita, a native of Clarin Bohol will soon assume as regional director. 

By Novmber 10, Dr Poquita would rise to fill the position, Bojos said, who added that he would be completing 41 years of government service that time. 

Bowing out after a celebrated stint as a public servant, Bojos marked his day November 3 with two infrastructure turn overs. 

Aside from turning over the P3 million CFLC in Inabanga, Bojol, accompanied by Bohol Fisheries Officer Leo Bongalos, proceeded to Bentig in Calape to hand another completed infrastructure project. 

At the BFAR Multi-Species Hatchery and Training Center in Bentig, BFAR's regional savings in 2015 is now poured to put up a building he also turned over to the community. 

In possibly among his last official acts in his penultimate week in office, Bojol told Inabanga fishermen and local officials that BFAR is giving out an initial P300,000 for the town's fisherfolk's livelihood support. 

But because he was bowing out of service, it would be the soon to be RD Poquita who would be responsible for the processing of documents leading to the eventual release of the funds.

"This is just an initial release, we would not know if RD Poquita, in his time would add more to the funds," RD Bojos announced. 

Meanwhile, Bojos also told the people that BFAR has given a pair of stainless steel display stalls for the CFLC to make sure that the fish displays are in a sanitary display container, free from contaminants. 

He also urged local government officials to purchase from local sources, more stainless steel display stalls. 

BFAR also promised a chest freezer and ice maker to equip the CFLC, the first among 8 such facilities given to Bohol. 

He cited the strong partnership with Inabanga and the smooth coordination between Mayor Jumamoy and the Sangguniang Bayan led by Vice Mayor Rodrigo Jumamoy as instrumental in the fast-tracked implementation and completion of the facility. 

Aside from a common fish landing hub, the CFLC has also provisions for an office, a meeting area, a training center and can easily be called a common shared service facility for fishermen intending to maximize post harvest loses, explained ARD Poquita. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
Dr. Allan Poquita used to head the Bohol BFAR is set to assume the regional directorship after RD Andres Bojos is set to bow out of service November 10. In his stint, Poquita is certain to officiate the turn over of 7 more CFLCs in Bohol anytime soon. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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