Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Biking the extreme 
Foot trails of Dauis

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, November 25, (PIA)—The hills came alive that Sunday; it was the day mountain bike enthusiasts invaded the trails only firewood gatherers and livestock pasturers knew existed. 

Dauis Hills, now a verifiable trail for mountain bike enthusiasts became the hive of activity as competitive riders and hobbyists tried its trails for fun and focus after a local group of bikers brought in this season’s extreme mountain bike challenge here. 

Now building a close followership of bike enthusiasts in the time staying fit and healthy is trending, mountain biking in Tagbilaran earns a growing population and competitions are making bikers bond, a member of the mother group Bol-anon Biker said. 

It was a relatively safe and yet challenging trail, counting a 13 year old as among the finishers doing 21 kilometers and a 60 year old grandpa completing 8.4 kilometers of grueling up and down hills, race organizers said. 

Regil Kent Narisma, wearing bib 209 was the youngers competitor while Rolando Dango, at 60 was the oldest. 

Boholano extreme challenge mountain bikers geared on November 20 for the Mayokmok Bikers Back to Back XC Challenge: a looped mountain trail race through the trekking trails of Catarman and Biking in Dauis Bohol. 

It’s a 4.2 kilometer trail comprising of everything a mountain biker would drool, said Josue Hinay, a distance biker tour guide who joined the race to stay fit. 

There are plenty of technical sections, and when the trails are carved from coral stones fit for hikers, expect sections when one bursts out of the vegetation, natural rocky obstacles, treacherous descent and ascents and rolling terrain, he added describing the stretch which his age bracket must complete in the shortest time in three loops. 

Opened in four categories: 29 and under men, 30-39 men, 40-49 men and 50 and above men, the race started and ended at the Sumaylo Firing Range in Biking. 

Completing 5 loops of the rugged terrain in record time of 1:05:39 of the 29 under men’s category was Paseo de Loon’s Avelino Buligan biker wearing racing bib 208, followed by Jonas Baring (racing bib 201) of Team SikMa, with 1:08:52. 

Coming in three minutes later was the biker in bib 214 Jeremiah Aguilo taking the looped course in 1:11:13. 

In the 30-39 age category, riders need to complete four 4.2 kilometer loop and Mayokmok Riders Gideon Petallar wearing bib 314 broke the tape less than a minute ahead of rider 322 Jover Visto of Team Dimiao. 

Petallar scooped a 58:18:58 record as against Visto’s 59:06:56. 

Cruising in third was Stephen Zamora (bib 323) of Mayokmok Riders clocking in at 59:58:15.

In the 40-49 age category, Tri Bohol triathlete Buchie Zamora (bib 415) finished the three 4.2 kilometers loop in 44:43:00 closely followed by Milo Melan (bib 409) of Duro Riders at 44:57:00. Adrian Arcamo of Paseo de Loon (bib 406) came in third with 46:00:01. 

For the 50 and above category, Paseo de Loon’s Anotio Beronio (511) finished the 8.2 kilometer trail in 38:01:55 while rider 504 of Beerbogs Dario Bucia finished it in 35:0012 followed by Cecilio Castillon (507) of Calape bikers who broke the line at 36:17:19. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
Staying fit through a healthy biking lifestyle is fast becoming a hobby for Boholanos and regular competitions set in the nearby hills of Dauis all the more, makes mountain biking fun and exhilarating.    (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)  

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