Monday, November 21, 2016

A month after Double Barrel Alpha
651 more accounted, 1 killed, 
15 pushers, 481 users nabbed

CORTES, Bohol, November 19, (PIA)—The accusation that law enforcement operatives are instrumental in the killings of drug personalities in Bohol is unfair, hints Bohol Provincial Police Office in Camp Dagohoy. 

If that were the case, then no one of the drug personalities nabbed while armed, during police operations would have survived, police community relations officer Senior Police Officer 4 Quinciano Lopena said. 

Then a media reporter working in the police beat, SPO4 Lopena pointed out Bohol only saw 23 armed drug personalities killed during police operations, compared to those who peacefully yielded their arms and allowed police to peacefully keep them.

This too as Bohol saw 47 deaths, 23 in legitimate police operations and some 27 deaths falling under investigation by police authorities since July 1 to November 16. 

Earlier, Psupt Nicomedes Olaivar, at the Talakayan sa Isyung Pulis (TSIP) said most angles investigators are finding in deaths under investigation point to drug rivalries and failure of the victims to settle for drug debts and payments. 

Speaking at the Kapihan sa PIA, SPO4 Lopena stressed that while the police exercise restraint in neutralizing drug personalities, they too must protect themselves at all times. 

In August, about 9 policemen and 3 military officers have died in drug operations, reports from the PNP Camp Crame showed. 

There is no accessible record of police or military deaths yet in anti-narcotics operation, since then. 

But for Lopena, his biggest argument however turned out to be: the number of those armed drug personalities who surrendered when confronted by police and law enforcement operatives.

Since October 26 when Double Barrel ended and Oplan Double Barrel Alpha commenced, Bohol authorities accounted another 497 surrenderees, 15 pushers, 481 users. 

In police operations, 19 have been arrested and only one killed, he said. 

“The police mandate is to serve and protect. We do not kill,” Lopena stressed. 

Pressing some more, Lopena added, if all those 19 arrested in police operations are killed, then we can not stop the people from assuming that these are extrajudicial killings. 

But Lopena insisted that a police job does not include killing, and as law enforcers, even criminals who can be reformed shall be given due process. 

Since President Rodrigo Duterte started the country’s anti-drug campaign with the police launching Oplan Double Barrel July 1, until its closing October 26, Bohol police accounted for 32,344 drug personalities. 

And starting October 27, or until police commenced Oplan Double Barrel Alpha, November 16, PNP Community Relations Officer Lopena of Camp Dagohoy said they have accounted for 651 drug personalities. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)
The number of apprehended yet armed drug personalities are the police organization’s biggest proof that they are there to serve and protect, but kill criminals if only to protect themselves at all times. Both police and other law enforcement agencies have been accused of killing drug suspects, but Camp Dagohoy has vehemently denied the allegations. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)  

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