Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Bohol police credit crime
dive to "anti-drugs drive" 

MARIBOJOC, BOHOL, October 25 (PIA)--Crimes in Bohol continue to plummet as police authorities firm up their belief that the national anti-drug campaign greatly influenced the over-all crime situation in Bohol. 

In a report before the Provincial peace and Order Council Meeting in time for the HEAT IT Caravan in Maribojoc, Camp Dagohoy operations chief Police Superintendent Lorenzo Batuan showed that the average monthly crime rate in August went down 6.81% with 51.11 to 48.3. 

The average monthly index crime rate also showed a 2.25% dip from 17.91 to 15.66, he pointed out. 

Reporting together with PPOC key committees and task groups, PSSupt Batuan also mentioned a 12% decrease in total crime volume in August and September, with 13 % and 12 % dip in index and non-index crimes for the two months. 

Index crimes, according to Supt Batuan recorded 31 cases less in September as Camp Dagohoy crime statisticians logged 247 crimes in August as against 216 in September. 

"Clearly observed is a decline in the number of Index Crimes which is considered as the determinant of peace and order situation in the province," Superintendent Batuan said while reporting for PSSupt Felipe Natividad.

Speaking at the joint meeting of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) and the Provincial Anti-Drug Abuse Council (PADAC), Superintendent Batuan also pointed out that for the non-index crimes in August, Bohol recorded 513 crimes. 

By September however, police authorities noted only 450 non index crimes, almost half of these over special laws including illegal drugs.

In fact, without exerting much efforts and despite patches of construction work along highway canals causing accidents, traffic related incidents went down to 145 from 190 in August, Camp Dagohoy data showed. 

He said even traffic related incidents saw significant decreases with damage to property enjoying 32% down from 66 to 45. 

Also physical injuries enjoyed a 21% plunge in cases from 117 to 93 in September. 

Traffic related incidents became a strong PPOC concern a few months back that plans to close some city roads at night have been presented. 

Police authorities also noted a marked reduction in drugs supply as drug personalities have either stopped or have transferred their base of operations, Camp Dagohoy sources said. 

As to index crimes however, authorities noted a slight increase in robbery at 18% or 4 cases, carnapping at 50% from 6 to 12 and homicide at 2 from 1 case. 

While crime trend watchers ascribe the robberies and carnapping to the world-getting smaller and cash getting scarcer for drugs getting-more expensive, police are expected to shift their campaign to anti-criminality while strewing the streets with police officers. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Camp Dagohoy operations chief Colonel Lorenzo Batuan positively identified the anti drugs drive as that which has substantially decreased crimes in Bohol, pointing out that the simultaneous campaign has drastically cut the trade making drug dependents deprived of the source. Batuan, at the PPOC also hinted that it may not be long before drugs will become a problem of the past. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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