Thursday, September 15, 2016

Amidst reports of troops 
pull-out US reiterates US-RP 
cooperation stands

MANILA, September 14 (PIA)—The United States of America remained steadfast in its relationships with the Philippines despite the recent statements of President Rodrigo Duterte which have been construed as harsh and undiplomatic.

Over the reported statement of President Rodrigo to pull out American troops from Mindanao, US Press Attache Molly Koscina told a small group of regional media gathered at the US Embassy Tuesday that the Philippine Government has not officially contacted the US government to formalize its intent of pulling out its troops in the islands.

As to the official statements of the Philippine President, let me refer you to the Office of the President, the non-committant public affairs chief said.

As she admits their office has seen reports regarding statements of President Duterte, she none-the-less added that there has not been anything more from it.

We have not officially been contacted by Philippine authorities regarding President Duterte’s statements, Koscina, who together with Deputy Press Attache Emma Nagy entertained Philippine regional press at the end of a two-day training on disaster reporting and communications.

And as the State Department awaits for any communication from Malacanang, Koscina reiterates continued mutual cooperation among the two independent states.

“We continue to focus on our broad relationships with the Philippines.”

Over speculations of soured relationships between the two countries, the press attache reiterates “We will continue work together in the many areas of mutual interests.”

She said both countries continue to work together on disaster preparedness, counter terrorism, improvement of lives of the Filipino people, them being the US commitments.

“We need to uphold our shared democratic values,” Koscina press pointing out how the broad Philippines US relationships remains robust.

Our relationship is really broad and our alliance is one of the most enduring and important relationships in the Asia pacific, she stressed.

In fact, she describes the relationship as the cornerstone of stability for over the last 70 years, as it is built on shared sacrifices for democracy and human rights. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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