Monday, August 22, 2016

Youth dared to take 
the PMA challenge

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 19 (PIA)--Coming off from high school and not really found directions? Why not take the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) challenge?

When life is hard that attaining one's dreams may be compromised, getting trained and schooled at the Philippine Military Academy (PMA) assures one of a getting molded into whole person.

There, the formation happens physically, theoretically, morally and psychologically using the best facilities, a monthly pay while studying, allowances and a chance to lead the country's freedom fighters, explains Boholano PMA Command Chaplain Rev Fr. Carlito Buslon, at the weekly Kapihan sa PIA. 

Now in Bohol to seek for new entry cadets, the PMA Entrance Examination Team under Fr. Buslon has been doing rounds in Bohol to get more Boholanos into the country's premier military training institution. 

"There is a huge percentage of Boholanos passing the PMA," Fr. Buslon, who hails from Sierra Bullones said.

He also cited successful Boholano PMAers like former navy flag officer in command General Jose Luis Alano, Admiral Rogelio Calunsag and a whole lot of officers still occupying key posts in government. 

Now with only 9 cadets from Bohol with one cadet sent to Australia for further studies, Fr. Buslon believes Boholanos who are used to the hard life can easily get through the training. 

On the other hand, cadet First Class Dycee Anne Leopoldo of Sevilla said their survival rate on a per class basis is 40%, and the only time a cadet is suspended or evicted is when one breaks the code of honor. 

At the PMA, cadets are required to follow an Honor Code, which censures with extreme penalty lying, cheating, stealing and condoning people who commit these infractions.

But, Leopoldo was quick to add that, "do not be afraid as long as you follow the rules, nobody's getting kicked."

For her part, First Class Marissa Guisihan, an Ubayana part of the 2016 PMAEE team said the training would entail on responsible living in a community fixing [her] bed, cleaning up their quarters, ironing their clothes, basic hygiene, classes and athletic period before their day ends with dinner. 

At the PMA, we get a base pay of P27,000 plus allowances, stay in a modern hotel barracks donated by the owners of Solaire and a sports hall with modern equipment, state of the art simulation rooms, international online library and a college of respected professors, Guisihan, who is set to graduate at the academy this March added. 

The PMA entrance exams open Sunday 8:00 at the AM to 5 pm at the Holy Name University. 

Qualified to take the exams are those 17 to 21 years old natural born Filipinos 5 feet in height, at least high school graduate, with good moral character and without pending administrative or criminal cases. 

When one qualifies for this, he must secure an application form now available at the Police Community Relations of Camp Dagohoy or downloadable at, secure an NSO or LCR birth certificate, bring form 137-A or report card for high school graduates showing an average of 85 % and the latest scholastic report for college students. 

A team from the PMA is set to assess the application documents August 20, at Camp Dagohoy, while the application form evaluation continues Sunday morning at the HNU, said Fr Buslon. 

Applicants also need to submit 2 by 2 colored picture set in while background, bring an official identification card, 2 pieces Mongol #2 pencil and an extra money for lunch. 

Kadugo ni Tamblot, Sikatuna, Dagohoy, let us not waste the opportunity offered by the PMAEE for a good future, the command chaplain urged Boholanos. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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