Monday, August 1, 2016

Despite drug related cases, 
Bohol crimes down by 26%

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 30 (PIA)–-Despite the noise generated by human rights activists who openly criticize the government for the killings that happen every now and then, crimes in Bohol slackened 26% or 183 cases as against last month’s total crime volume. 

Newly installed Bohol police chief PSSupt. Felipe Natividad bared this at the Provincial Peace and Order Council meeting at the Governor’s Mansion Friday, July 29. 

In his first official appearance and report at the PPOC, Supt Natividad, who had barely a week in his post, in interviews admitted he has still to learn of the crime trends and refuses to grab the credit for the accomplishment. 

But, in his report, Col Natividad shoed in a comparative graph that both index and non-index crimes in Bohol in July enjoyed over 20% declines as compared to June. 

Index crimes in Bohol in July went down from 250 in June to 182, which figures 68 cases less or 27% decrease. 

For index crimes in July, except for carnapping or more appropriately stealing motorcycle reached 12 cases or 2 more cases while all other index crimes slouched. 

Still topping the list of index crimes is theft, which still hit 73 cases. The number however is 25 cases less or 23% as against the previous month, which had 108. 

Following theft, July showed physical injuries taking the second most crimes committed at 62 as against June’s 71 cases noted. 

Physical injuries overtakes robbery, now at 26 cases from43 in June. Robbery usually is on second spot in the monthly crime trends. 

Meanwhile, in the non-index crimes which registered 458 in June, it slipped 115 cases or 25% when it totaled only 343 in July. 

In the non index crime category, Camp Dagohoy showed that traffic related incidents reaching 136 cases, well over the crimes against special laws, which only had 107 and other non index crimes at 100. 

Over all, other non index crimes enjoyed 17 cases in July or some 15% decrease; special laws too packed 41 cases less in July with a 28% down trend and traffic related incidents recording 57 cases less or a 30% dive. 

And of the 136 cases of traffic related crime incidents, physical injuries listed 77 cases, damage to property 51 cases and homicide, 8 cases. 

In the over-all average monthly crime rate, Camp Dagohoy; Bohol police headquarters showed that in June, Bohol enjoyed 13.43% less crimes form 51.95 to 38.52 while in July, from 18.34, average crimes sagged to 13.35 or 4.99% less. 

In Bohol, while human rights activists openly criticize the wanton killings involving petty criminals and drug personalities, peace and order council members wanted to know the correlation between the deaths which apparently targets criminals, and the lessened petty criminalities. 

This too as from July 1 to 29, Bohol police have accounted for a total of 30,287 drug personalities: 29,108 of them voluntarily admitted they use or used drugs and another 1,179 who admitted they push or at one time, pushed for drugs. 

Police all over Bohol have visited, knocked 17,298 houses of known personalities and for them to stop and surrender to authorities. 

The Barangay Anti Drug Abuse Council and Municipal Anti Drug Abuse Councils generated the list of drug personalities and submitted them to the local police, who organize the Oplan Toktok-Hangyo. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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