Monday, August 1, 2016

Culture artists help
firm up City's ELA

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 29 (PIA)--Through possibly the biggest gathering of Tagbilaran City based cultural workers and artists, the City Government slowly firms up the Executive Legislative Agenda (ELA) by getting some of its development inputs from culture and the arts. 

In the City Council for Culture and the Arts (CCCA) Strategic Planning and Workshop at the JJs Seafoods Village, July 29, artists and cultural workers from the multi arts disciplines help firm up the council's vision mission and goals, after Mayor John Geesnell Yap took a serious look at the role of culture and the arts in development. 

And to make sure everybody is given the equal opportunity to put in their plans and programs for culture and the arts in the city's development, artists and cultural workers from the committees on the performing arts, music, culinary and baking, literary, media, architecture, visual, photography, theater, fashion and make up rolled their sleeves to set up programs and projects that would redound to the city's good. 

All the plans, programs and projects would be presented to the city officials in the ELA formulation and would be funded if these are found to be priority, explained Fiel Angeli Gabin, City Information Officer who sits at the CCCA secretariat and subsequently represents the performing arts through dance. 

Professor Joshibiah Gaa De Juan, chair of the City Council for Culture and the Arts (CCCA), during the strategic planning workshop found it amusing how artists and cultural workers could come up with ideas.

"Artists are intelligent people", because "they know how to create something out of nothing," de Juan, who hails from Luzon and by affinity, married a local artist, said. 

Mayor John Geesnel Yap, who personally came to the artists’ strategic planning workshop assured participants that the outputs would be considered as the City Government crafts the ELA after meeting with the Executive and Legislative departments soon. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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