Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Crimes continue to dive
As anti-drug drive revs

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 25 (PIA)–-For the second consecutive month after police stepped up the no-nonsense drive against illegal drugs, Bohol enjoys a decreased crime rate, this time at 44%.

The records however is only for August 1-22, clarifies Police Superintendent Lorenzo Batuan, speaking at the Provincial Peace and Order Council in lieu of Police Senior Superintendent Felipe Natividad. 

Natividad, who would have rendered his second report to the peace council came in late from a meeting with Presidential Assistant to the Visayas, Michael Lloyd Dino at a separate venue. 

According to Superintendent Batuan, the decrease in total crime volume can also be seen in the state or index and non index crimes for the month, which both enjoyed 81 and 89% accordingly. 

Index crimes in August reached 136 while non-index crimes reached 270 or a monthly crime rate of 406. 

The figure becomes even more pronounced when the Camp Dagohoy Planning and Operations chief Batuan presented a chart on the comparative crime rates in the last two months. 

In July, average monthly crime rates for index crimes reached 52.14 and its non-index crimes reached 18.93.

By August however, Camp Dagohoy crime statisticians noted only 29.44 index and 13.95 non-index crimes. 

At this, PSupt Batuan announced a 22.7 % less in index crimes and some 5.58% deduction rate in non-index crimes. 

And as if to validate the claims that the suppression in drug activities would dent on crimes, Bohol police efforts appear to have caused the most immediate change in crimes especially in the three crimes which always top the crime types. 

From 106 cases in July, theft cases nosedived to just 63 cases in August, as statisticians noted a 23% slash in the monthly average. 

For physical injuries, from 82 cases in July, Camp Dagohoy noted only 39 cases which is a neat 52% slump, Batuan added.

And for robbery, which ranks among top crimes in Bohol then, the figures are heartening with 43 cases in July now down to 10 cases, registering 77% decrease. 

And of the non-index crimes, traffic related incidents still top the list with 87 cases, which is already a good 60% less than the 215 cases recorded in July. 

August also saw about 20 cases less in other special laws under non–index crimes, when July had 140 cases.

From 103 cases of other non-index crimes, the figure went down to 69 in August. This, again is 39% decrease. 

As his report progressed, PSupt Batuan noted, “Clearly noticeable is the significant drop in crime incidents throughout the province amidst the tough implementation of PNP’s Anti-illegal Drug Campaign “Project Double Barrel”. 

Records show that Bohol Police Provincial Office operations against illegal drugs has more than doubled reflecting among others the seriousness and determination of our law enforcers to carry out their utmost duty to serve and protect, Batuan pointed out. 

To end his report, Camp Dagohoy planning head Batuan added, “Should this momentum in decreasing crime incidents sustain, with strong Local Government Units (LGUs) and other peace and security stakeholders’ support, there is a tremendous possibility that we will win this war against illegal drugs.”

He also ended by saying, by this, we shall be achieving the ultimate goal of our President and Chief PNP in obtaining peace and order not just in our beloved Province of Bohol, but throughout the entire country as well. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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