Wednesday, July 20, 2016

RD Taliño warns police
Into criminal activities 

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 18, (PIA)—Shape up or ship out. 

Apart from mandatory drug tests for police officers and men, newly installed Police Regional Director for Region & (PRO-7) chief Inspector Noli Taliño warned police officers involved in drugs and criminality to shape up, as he is also seriously against cops into hulidap, kotong, and illegal gambling. 

At the turn-over ceremonies of the new Bohol police officer in charge, PCsuperintendent Taliño said he would also go for cops who go to gambling places and moonlight on spurious jobs. 

In for an internal cleansing in the police organization following the expose of the presence of narco-generals, Taliñno said the Philippine National Police, “from the smallest unit to the national headquarters is leading the fight in the eradication of illegal drugs and criminality.” 

However, a mar in the campaign would be if a police officer or man is accused of taking drugs, or now living the life of one worth emulating. 

This too as the regional director led the entire regional police force in submitting themselves to drug tests to prove their innocence on drug implications. 

60% of the total PNP regional strength have been tested and 9 have been allegedly came out positive for drugs, he said in his speech at Camp Dagohoy. 

“We will not condone any involvement [in drugs], Taliño emphasized. 

“I have already ordered the immediate relief of those police officers and hold them at the regional holding and accounting unit, he added. 

This is pending investigations and probable dismissal proceedings, separate police sources disclosed. 

Taliño personally officiated the turn over for command from past Bohol provincial director PSSUpt Dennis Agustin, to officer in charge PSSupt Felipe Natividad. 

Agustin’s stint in Bohol has been widely marked by relentless campaign against illegal drugs, capping with the implementation of the operation plan Toktok-Hangyo (TOKHANG). 

Tokhang is a two-pronged soft hand approach to known drug personalities: police got and talk to them to convince them to stop and seek rehabilitation. 

After OPLAN Tokhang, the PNP has been instructed on the Operation Plan Double Barrel. 

The upper barrel in PNP Oplan double barrel is to neutralize high value targets from the national, regional and the provincial druglords, while another simultaneous plan is for lower level drug personalities. 

On police involved in criminalities like mulcting in highways, or frequenting gambling places, Supt Taliño warned; “Better stop now or any good policeman would catch up with you.” (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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