Friday, July 29, 2016

Rappler sets base
for MoveBoholPh

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 28 (PIA)-In no time at all, mainstream media in Bohol may soon have partners in information advocacy in student writers, social media content curators, bloggers and freelance journalists. 

For the first time, Rappler brings to Boholano information workers and current events enthusiasts as well as online advocacy groups, its citizen journalism arm MovePH to Bohol in a bid to build and set up a network of influencers to start community engagements to change through stories and smart discussions. 

Set as part of the Sandugo 2016 events, Rappler's MovePH sent to Bohol two online movers in Ryan Macasero of rapplerdotcom and Raisa Marielle Serafica or MovePH to lay the foundations for a community of online movers in Bohol, during a gathering at the Casa Rey Francis, June 23. 

Sponsored by Rappler, Provincial Government of Bohol, Bohol Bloggers Collective and assisted by the Philippine Information Agency, the gathering had Bohol movers into a local issues generation and identification workshop.

Rappler shares skills and technology to empower interested and passionate individuals to share stories or rap and the spread the ripple top influence and possibly make change a reality, explains Serafica, during the forum. 

This is also the point when rappler started its movePh platform for citizens reporting. 

The forum's issue generation workshop was to set up a technology of getting grassroots enjoining in the effort to surface issues and streamline, prioritize certain topics that need the most immediate public exposure and thus create the ripple for intelligent discussion. 

Asked for comments on the issues generated, specifically on the innocent persons accordingly listed as among the drug users visited by police authorities, Philippine Information Agency Bohol Manager explained the procedures on how these on the list were generated. 

The list, he said comes from the Barangay Anti-Drug Abuse Council (BADAC), a multi-sectoral anti drug team composed of barangay officials, representatives of the academe and the church as well as people's organization. 

This list is first validated in the barangays, before sharing to the police, for the reason of matching the personalities in the BADAC and in the Municipal ADAC list, he said. 

Over accusations that politics may be used to enlist political opponents, the validation that happens in the barangays and the municipal council takes care of that.

And in cases when innocent individuals just happen to get into the list, he advised: Make yourself available to the police but before signing a waiver, make sure you can present a recent drug test result proving the list wrong, PIA shared. 

As to who pays for the drug test, agree with the police. 

"Either you pay and when it comes out negative, get the BADAC or MADAC pay," or when it comes out positive, then it would be your full responsibility to pay, and submit to the proceedings.

But, when one is genuinely innocent, never ever sign, just make yourself available to the police, he advised. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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