Monday, July 18, 2016

Possibly mis-understood, 
BM Alexie Tutor apologizes
or media-swipe at session

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 16, (PIA)—“I am sorry, please accept my sincere apologies.”

Thus pleaded Board Member Kristine Alexie B. Tutor to members of the local media who may feel slighted of her statements during last Friday’s inaugural session. 

During a press conference at the Le Pensionne de San Jose Saturday, July 16, Tutor, a political newbie, earned media criticisms for the impressions that she came out fresh. 

She reportedly lectured on media responsibility in her first official appearance at the Sangguniang Panlalawigan Friday last week, which earned her some bashing. 

While everyone delivering their inaugural addresses at the first SP session for this term spread out their plans and programs at the provincial legislature, Tutor reportedly used President Rodrigo Duterte’s swing at the media to embellish her speech. 

He speech hand in it the Duterte talk about three kinds of media and ended by asking, “so which category do you belong?” 

The incident drew blood that in social media posts and in at least one radio program, her controversial act became a topic for harsh criticisms. 

Calling a press conference to air her side and to get herself known to media, Tutor clarified that there was no malice behind her diatribe, and that she did not target any person in her speech. 

“It is nothing personal,” she said, explaining her side of the story. 

A self-confessed introvert, Tutor, who is also a successful businesswoman whose family owns a beach resort, a construction company and hardware cum construction supply store, manned herself for the task and said she could have been misunderstood. 

At the press conference, Tutor denied she did not speak of her plans at the SP. 

She told the media at the press conference that she, who has yet to know of her tasks still needed to know her assignment, so she could still not make known plans. 

The lady neophyte board member however talked of generalities. 

“I do not want to promise anything [until knowing assigned tasks], but be assured that I will give the best I can to be effective and efficient legislator”, she recalled. 

“Rest assured that I am not against media, I have no reasons to hate the media,” she intoned before the press workers which included writers, cameramen, newspaper support workers and friends.

She explained that her speech was one she made personally, she added she never asks people to write for her speeches. 

“I speak right from my heart,” she admitted and said she makes her speeches drawing inspiration for the crowd.

She also believes it could be her face which apparently projects a strict personality. 

On the media attacks, she said I can take attacks when it is about performance but below the belt [attack] is another thing. 

“Alexie has very strong principles, and she will stand on what is right and that whci8h would redound to the good of Bohol,” she assured. 

Please do not see me as an enemy as I do not see you as one, she capped her statements. (rac.PIA-7/Bohol)

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