Thursday, July 7, 2016

Candijay posts most number
Of drug surrenderees at 431

TAGBILARAN CITY, July 6, (PIA) –Candijay town posts the largest drug personalities who surrendered to authorities and swore to permanently stop today, July 6, or face the consequences.

This as 431 drug personalities, the biggest so far from Bohol towns, surrendered today and took their solemn oaths before town Mayor Christopher Tutor, Rev. Fr. Paulito Amplayo, PInspector Geral Luna and local officials and representatives of the academe.

Local police authorities ushered the surrenderees to the St. Joseph Parish Church, where church and state leaders accordingly received them, reports netizen Jeryl Lacang-Fuentes.

In an interview at his station, PInspector Luna on Tuesday said they were set to finish rounding up the 21 Candijay barangays by late afternoon, the day after he announced the police implementation of Oplan Tokhang.

Of the total number of drug personalities who surrendered, six admitted to pushing while the 425 said they are or were users and several have stopped years back.

Owing to the seriousness of the police campaign initiated by the Chief of the Philippine National Police (CPNP) Ronald dela Rosa himself, Bohol police stepped up its operations and have neutralized top drug personalities.

Several of those in the police list were also shot to death, probably by other drug personalities who were allegedly competing in their turf wars, Camp Dagohoy police officials said. 

Of the surrenderees, and based on their affidavits, 49 have stopped using drugs since 2012, 58 stopped since 2013, 79 since 2014 and 103 stopped using drugs since 2015.

Among them were 136 active users who promised to stop using drugs, as attested by their signed affidavits.

Among those who surrendered, Cogtong owns the biggest number of drug personalities with 76, followed by Poblacion at 53, Can-olin at 42 and Boyo-an at 39.

Inspector Luna also revealed that in his town, there are still some barangays who are not drug affected, but they still await for more drug personalities coming out anytime soon. 

Other barangays with surrenderees include Lungsodaan 34, Panas 35, Tugas: 30, La Union: 25, Mahangin: 25, Tambongan 16, Abihilan 15, Anoling: 13, Canawa: 11, Tawid: 9, Tubod: 6 and Panadtaran 2.

PInsp Luna also reported that in the past year, Candijay Police implemented 38 buy-bust operations and hailed suspects to court with violations of anti-drug law, specifically section 5.

He also considers his station lucky as the local chief executive himself is personally supporting the drive with cash incentives to police operatives.

As the operations go on, Luna appeals to drug personalities who remain in hiding to surrender or be implemented with “Oplan Double Barrel.”

After Oplan Tokhang, we are to implement Double Barrel and would pursue operations against hard and soft targets, he said.

At the swearing in rites inside the St Joseph Church, Mayor Tutor advised the surrendered personalities to seriously keep their promise.

Even with the sworn statements and affidavits, police operatives bared that any indication of reverting to drugs would be a ground for intense police operations, which might end up not as desired. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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