Thursday, June 16, 2016

TLMPC looms earn annual P5.692 M in sales, jobs

TAGBILARAN CITY, June 14 (PIA)--Picking one of the four slots as the region's Best Performing Shared Service Facilities (SSF) is a rare feat for Tubigon Loomweavers Multi-Purpose Cooperative (TLMPC), but what did it take to snare such recognition?

According to the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), doubling their workers' incomes and doubling the number of created jobs.

Then using 30 handlooms capable of producing 24-inch wide loomwoven raffia, traditional weavers at the TLMPC could spin some 1,440 meters, according to a project brief provided by DTI Bohol.

With that earning them P3.669 million in sales, DTI saw better ways for the gifted handcrafts workers.

A help through the SSF of DTI augmented the traditional weavers with the P1.26 million hand loom facility.

This amount puts up 15 new handlooms capable of weaving 32-inch looms from government and 6 more from the private sector.

We thought that should give then a good chance at better production volume, explained then DTI Provincial Director Maria Elena Arbon.

Seeing the huge potential for better product quality and innovations in line with the promotion for green economic development, DTI also mentored the coop workers.

This is for them to meet up with the technical expertise of top designers, market development specialists and product enhancement using inputs exporters and leading institutions in the market.

The ultimate goal is to innovate on their products and lessen its impact to the environment, trade and industry development specialists at the DTI said.

The effect was an additional 1260 meters of 72 inches wide loomwovens which hand in an average of P5.692 million annual sales, DTI reported. 

Under DTI’s mentor-ship and guided by the Export Pathways Program, TLMPC moved a notch up the competitiveness ladder from being at Level 4 which is market readiness in 2014 to market entry stages level 5 in 2015, DTI said.

Now, TLMPC designs their raffia loomwovens for architectural finishes, and have been hot-selling in China and Japan hotels and resort chains in Asia, Arbon, upon whose term the cooperative blossomed, beamed.

Now, TLMPC products are ongoing market prospecting for major European brands through their local exporters and local buying offices, DTI Regional Director Asteria Caberte added.

Months after the installation of the facility, the quality of woven products improved and so were the capacities and productivity of weavers to an average of 2 meters per day, for interweaving raffia with other products including polyester, buntal fibers, abaca, silk, wire and other innovations, Coop chair Ma. Trina Sumayang said. 

Over and above all those, the coop has spurred jobs in the industry.

Before the installation of the SSF, TLMPC hired 22 plant based weavers and some 40 home based weavers including two product converters.

After the installation, jobs zoomed with 65 plant based weavers, 56 home based weavers, assists one MSME while stirring 650 raw materials suppliers and 5 more converters.

Perhaps, the biggest testimony for the TLMPC is from Mecina Vistal, 29 years old married weaver who has 3 children.

“I came from a family of loomweavers and I used to work at home like many of us weavers in the municipality,” she confessed.

As a weaver since 7 years old, Vistal was never new to the tough job interspaced with the rigors of a housewife.

For a full week, she finishes about 30 meters and nets P700 less expenses from sales; this was clearly not enough to live on for her family and 3 kids.

But with the introduction of multi fibers and a wider loom at TLMPC, she now averages 6 meters a day producing the widest so far, 72 inches width fabric.

This, to her is way beyond her home weaving production and gives her an income of P 900.00 on the average a day for 6 days, or P 5,400.00 per week.

Then nagged by the husband, Vistal has since convinced her husband to weave that they now own a motorcycle and comes home on Saturdays with a bag of McDo for the kids. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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