Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Theft tops crimes in 
Pob 2, Cogon, Pob 3

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 1, (PIA)— If you happen to live in Poblacion II, Cogon or Poblacion III, you need to be extra careful with your belongings, as police records show that the three districts in Tagbilaran are the areas where thieves thrive. 

In a report at the joint City Peace and Order Council, City Development Council and City Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council, Police Superintendent Adriano Bacus, who delivered the crime situation in Tagbilaran.

In his report, he bared that in March, Poblacion II had 5 theft or robbery cases, while Cogon and Poblacion III each had three cases. 

The cases recorded were either break-in in private dwellings, plain theft cases or shoplifting victimizing stores, malls or groceries. 

As to its commission, Supt Bacus, who stood in for City Chief Police Superintendent George Vale bared that Poblacion II had one shoplifting, one break-in and three plain theft cases. 

For Cogon, the recorded cases involved a case each of plain theft and break-in, Bacus said.

For Poblacion III, the city police added that they noted a case of salise and another for qualified theft.  

At the CPOC in fact, PSupt Bacus revealed that while Cogon used to top theft cases, the area apparently shifted to Poblacion II. 

One particular case was a cellphone theft, which happened when the victim slept with her I-Phone 5S charging and placed under her pillow.

When she woke up, the cellphone and charger were gone. 

Police tracked the cellphone through the open GPS and recovered it from somebody near the causeway. 

The suspect alleged that while he as buying medicines near the Provincial Hospital, a guy sold him the P30,000 cellphone for P1,500.

Poblacion II and Cogon, along with Poblacion III lie beside each other, making possible crime perpetrators cross boundaries if only to continue with their trade. 

Cogon Barangay Chairman Nicanor Besas earlier shared that he has tracked theft perpetrators as minors.

He said that while police are able to apprehend the minors committing theft, these are immediately turned over to the social welfare, as the law prescribes for minor offenders. 

The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) in Bohol however does not have a facility to keep the minor offenders in confinement.

In the absence of a facility that would help us keep in custody those children in conflict with the law (CICL), City DSWD through Teresita Villafuerte bared that they immediately entrust the kids to their parents. 

As the authorities release child offenders, they return to the streets and continue with their criminal activities. 

As this happened, City police chief George Vale appealed to the CPOC during the meeting, to do whatever it takes to realize the children’s facility. 

Solving the problem of criminal activities perpetuated by minors can be easy, just give us the youth rehabilitation center, urged PSupt Vale. 

The city is on the process of bidding the Paglaum Center, a youth rehabilitation facility that would be the center of interventions for CICL in Tagbilaran. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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