Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Mayor Yap earns Bohol Polls’ 
biggest net satisfaction rating

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 8, (PIA)— City Mayor John Geesnel Yap sails towards an election waving the biggest satisfaction rating from his constituents at 94% while Governor Edgar Chatto and City Vice Mayor Jose Antonio Veloso pegs both 85% satisfaction ratings to top bill this year’s first round of the Bohol Polls. 

Meanwhile, Bohol 2 Congressman Erico Aristotle Aumentado enjoys a 77% approval rating and Bohol 3 Congressman Arthur Yap also got a high72% satisfaction rating, according to the polls, which happens annually, but comes twice every election year, poll executive director Maria Paz Espiritu explained.

Vice Governor Concepcion Lim earned for herself a 62% satisfaction rating while Bohol 1 Congressman Rene Relampagos managed a 59% approval rating. 

Mayor Yap only had 1% dissatisfaction rating earning him a net satisfaction rating of 93, which improved by 8 points from last year’s +85. 

On the other hand, Gov Chatto earned a few 5% dissatisfaction rating resulting still in a high 81% net satisfaction rating, but this was not enough to maintain the +83 last year when his rating dipped 2 points this year. 

VMayor Veloso also earned 2% dissatisfaction resulting for him a net satisfaction rating of +83, pole vaulting him high to a 28 points increase from +55 in 2015; the biggest gain for local officials. 

Cong Aumentado garnered 8% dissatisfaction rating giving him a +69 net satisfaction rating; which is a 6 points increase from last year’s. 

Bohol 3 solon Cong Yap, on the other hand got 9% dissatisfaction rating which still nailed for him a net +63 satisfaction points, lower by 6 points from his +69 rating last year. 

For Vice Gov Lim, at 11% dissatisfaction rating, she still picks a +51 net satisfaction rating decreasing by 11 when she had 62 net rating in 2015. 

Bohol 1 Congressman Relampagos picked 9% dissatisfaction rating earning him a +50 net satisfaction rating in 2016. This however was 13 points lower than last year’s +63. 

At the poll presentation April 8, 2016 at the Holy Name University High School Educational Media Center, poll executive director Maria Paz Espiritu explained that the conduct of the polls used 400 samples as against the total Boholano voters.

She also said each district in Bohol plus Tagbilaran City was allocated 100 respondents. 

As such, margin of error for total Bohol is +/-5, while districts 2 and 3 has a margin of error of +/-10.

District 1, which also has Tagbilaran owns 200 respondents and owns a +/-7 margin of error for the survey conducted between March 12 to April 14, 2016. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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