Monday, April 25, 2016

Manaba farmers defy El Nino;
Harvest past regional average

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 19, (PIA) –Defying logic and the extremely long drought, rice farm production in Manaba, Garcia Hernandez town in Bohol have exceeded expectations in almost everything.

For hybrid rice growing farms with average outputs pegged at 6 tons per hectare, a farmer here succeeded in proving that a potential harvest of nine to ten tons is not far off.

For inbred varieties, another farmer whose paddies get irrigation from the impounding systems along the Manaba River, also proved in his .25 hectare farm that harvesting almost double the average harvest in the Central Visayas can be done. 

At the recent Rice Harvest Festival organized by the Department of Agriculture (DA), April 21, at the farms near Manaba River, Regional Director Angel Enriquez herself saw how Bohol’s farms, at least along the Manaba River have defied the El Nino. 

For one, farmer Tranquilino Galbo’s .33 hectare farm irrigated by the National Irrigation Administration’s Manaba Communal Irrigation System produced 3,588 kilos using a hybrid rice variety-SL 18. 

At that rate, DA Central Visayas rice focal person Engr Antonio Du said, 10,875 kilograms of rice harvest is possible for hybrid varieties. 

And in the nearby paddies, Rosendo Ranario succeeded in producing 2468 kilograms of rice for inbred varieties using NSIC-RC700. 

On this, Engr Du added that a hectare of inbred rice, using the Ranario data could yield as much as 9,878 kilograms, which is very high. 

The average rice production for irrigated rice fields in Central Visayas still pegs at four to five tons per hectare for inbred and six to eight tons per hectare for hybrids. 

As this developed, DR RD Enriquez, who was visibly excited by the outputs, urged farmers in the area to continue farming using new technologies, despite the worsening El Nino threat.

Enriquez also thanked field technicians who have relentlessly offered their assistance to farmers especially with the diminishing portion of rice lands for planting while water management remains a top concern in the drought. 

According to the office of the Municipal Agriculture (MAO) here, the drought has rendered a total of 18.38 hectares of farms unproductive, in Garcia Hernandez town. 

MAO Mardonia Gallentes also added that 21 of the town’s 27 barangays have various degrees of drought affectation in the 1,050 hectares of declared ricelands here. 

On the other hand, Agricultural Promotion Center Manager Engr Eugene Chailes, urged farmers to continue with the technologies which the farmers have been adopting for more harvests. 

Over this too, Bohol has just declared the province under a state of calamity, unleashing disaster funds to help the province recoup and stand back against the El Nino. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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