Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Bohol scores high on tourism 
promotion, low on anti-graft

TAGBILARAN CITY, April 8, (PIA)—A little over three quarters of Boholanos give their thumbs up for the Provincial Government’s tourism promotion this year, data from the Bohol Polls revealed. 

In the survey conducted between March 12-April 4, still some Boholanos, comprising 10% or the respondents think it was not good enough, which in turn resulted to a +66 net satisfaction rating this year. 

The performance however is still very good, earning 22 points more approval over last year’s net approval rating which was nailed at +44, explains Ma. Paz Espiritu, Bohol Poll project director who presented the performance ratings of the provincial government.

Bohol, which has defined its vision as a prime eco-cultural tourism destination with a strong agro-industry pegged a 76% satisfaction from 400 survey respondents all over Bohol.

At the Bohol Poll 2016’s first round of surveys, Bohol on the other hand struggled with controlling graft and corruption where only three out of ten Boholano voters appreciated its performance. 

As Holy Name University conducts an annual performance survey, it engages Boholano voters with two rounds of surveys every election year, revealed Ma. Paz Espiritu, Bohol Poll project director. 

While promoting tourism gave Bohol Provincial Government its highest net satisfaction rating at +66 in the eight performance areas carried by the survey, it also garnered the lowest satisfaction rating in fighting corruption at 41%.

About 400 Boholano voters rated the province in its performance in promoting investments, providing livelihood opportunities and employment and protecting the environment. 

Voters also rated in the area of promoting tourism, ensuring adequate food supply, protecting life and property, providing support in the promotion of agriculture and controlling graft and corruption. 

With Bohol’s 31% satisfaction rating in controlling graft and corruption, less 41% dissatisfied, the overall efforts for this year netted Bohol a -10 performance rating.

This however is a noted improvement over last year’s fighting graft performance at -14. 

In other areas, Boholano voters also gave Bohol a high score on protecting the environment at +46, which was 14 points higher than last year’s at +32. 

On investment promotions, majority of Boholanos (52%) are satisfied with the PLGUs efforts with only a few 16 % dissatisfied, earning for Bohol a net satisfaction rating of +36, an improvement from last year’s +32.

Half of Boholanos think Bohol did well in providing livelihood and employment opportunities, but about 22% thinks it is not enough scraping off a +28 net satisfaction rating, which is actually an improvement again from last year’s +15, Bohol Poll shows. 

In protecting life and property, only 18% of Boholanos think the effort is wanting while 49% are satisfied. This still gave Bohol a net satisfaction rating of +32 or 7 points above last year’s +25. 

In support to agriculture promotion, Bohol scored 48% from agreeing Boholano voters but another 25% were dissatisfied, giving Bohol +23 net satisfaction rating. 

This however is still seven points better than last year which only had +11. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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