Wednesday, March 23, 2016

TBTKuwait raises funds for 
Bohol kids' school supplies 

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 21, (PIA)— Poor and yet deserving students and pupils who are studying in the most deprived and far-flung schools could get help from an organization of Boholano overseas foreign workers (OFWs) in Kuwait.

The organization, Tigum Bol-anon sa Tibuok Kuwait (TBTKuwait) thinks that in one way or another, looking back at their Boholano roots is a humble way of helping poor and yet deserving kids get past school without their parents worrying about buying them school supplies. 

Speaking from experience, TBTKuwait president Jimmy Dalugdog admits it isn't easy to dream of school and getting the right degree to gain a good future, when you have poverty to face first. 

All through the years, we have seen how hard it is to dream when you know your parents first need to put food on the table before getting you that notebook or pencil, he shared. 

Many kids have been deprived of the opportunity because of poverty, and what we are doing is a bit of alleviation, Dalugdug said.

On their annual TBTKuwait get together and sportsfest at Qadsiya Sports Gym in Hawally Kuwait, other thanthe sports events, the group ventured into a fund raising activity apart from friendly sports matches, relayed Dondon Simangca, TBTKuwait Vice President. 

At that March 4 event, TBTK Kuwait also pressed for "Tulong sa Mag-aaral ng Bohol" as theme and members found creative ways to be able to raise funds for the project, Simangca said. 

Helping Bohol has never been new to TBTKuwait who has similarly raised funds and sent goods and cash for Bohol relief operations during the 2013 earthquake. 

Apart from relief operations, TBTKuwait Kuwait shared that they have been helping Boholanos and Filipinos in Kuwait and in the middle east, who are detained for crimes and are awaiting hearings and court appearances, Simangca added. 

We also buy them food, supplies and toiletries as well as personal hygiene kits as they are jobless and are awaiting trials or deportation, shared Arjay Mortejo, an au pair in Kuwait. 

At times, they also raise funds for the fares home of Boholano OFWs who may have to be sent home for their safety, and would have no money or means to get home, Mortejo added. 

This year, the group intends to adopt some students of five Bohol schools, the beneficiary schools still un-named as of now. 

We were able to generate a little amount, Mortejo humbly said, adding that the activity has been very successful with Engr. Jim Dalugdog and Vice president Simangca leading. 

Members have also been reportedly thanking everyone who personally set aside personal funds and boldly sought ways to get the amount needed for the target project this year. 

The group intends to buy school supplies to hand it to students in depressed Bohol barangays for the opening of classes. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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