Tuesday, March 8, 2016

DSWD enhances voter’s 
Rights’ education at FDS

CORTES, Bohol, March 7, (PIA)—The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) up-scales its then successful “Bawal ang Epal” campaign with a new social empowerment program that hopes to embolden communities to deter opportunistic individuals from sitting in and using government’s anti-poverty initiatives as launching pad for their political dreams. 

The program, called “Tuloy and Pagbabago” is a follow on to the “Kaya Ko ang Pagbabago” which had Bawal ang Epal campaign, bares Phoebe Jen Indino, information officer of the Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino Program (4Ps).

The program is basically a communication campaign to enhance and protect our beneficiaries’ rights especially during elections, explains Indino, who came to the Kapihan sa PIA Thursday. 

It hopes to build on the first campaigns while capacitating communities, especially the beneficiaries of the prime government social protection program in the 4Ps of their rights and inform them of their responsibilities, she summarizes. 

Indino, said the program pushes for active citizenship training which is inserted in the Family Development Sessions (FDS) as a venue for teaching and interaction among beneficiaries. 

The contents: DSWD said are the critical to the campaign is contained in the DSWDs field officers manual on Frequently Encountered Situations, which would guide communities on what to do when there is a perceived deviation of the fair elections and campaign rules. 

“Any politician is barred and will not be allowed to insert and enter into the DSWD initiated gathering, like the FDS,” DSWD cited one situation. 

The FDS is a perfect venue for politicians to get in so they could campaign, and in that situations, jeopardizes the apolitical nature of the 4Ps. 

On situations like this, the DSWD has instructed the 4Ps and those handling the sessions not to allow the insert, although a separate venue might be opened only after the FDS has been through.

“After the sessions, an announcement would be made so people who are interested to listen could stay and observe, but this does not bind anyone to stay and listen, Indino said. 

The DSWD must not be used to force people into listening to campaigns, so this must happen only after the FDS has completely ended, that a session can be called again. 

According to the manual, FDS session facilitators would make sure that nobody with the intent to campaign is allowed in the gathering and can only do so, after the session has expired. 

Moreover, the manual also clearly states that facilitators or FDS groups are not allowed to receive any cash or kind, especially during election season. 

DSWD believes receiving of such may be read as a move to bribe and influence the results of the elections. 

The DSWD is set to launch the campaign in Bohol next month, DSWD said. The launching would also include other activities which would ensue after the parade from the Plaza Rizal. 

On the other hand, DSWD admitted that there have been attempts in the past for politicians to sidle into the sessions to campaign. It did not mention any names however on the culprits.

PIA renders student writers’ 
Trainings for Bohol schools 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol March 7 (PIA)—In three days, the Philippine Information Agency (PIA) in Bohol reached out to at least four school based student writers and renders its workshops as bringing the government closer to the people finds an expression in its campus writing trainings series of workshops. 

Last March 4, the PIA in Bohol joined Bohol’s service caravan at the HEAT IT and helped refresh the secondary campus journalists of Rizal High School, Quezon High School and Batuan National High Schools in Batuan on news writing. 

And for the first time in PIA Bohol’s service caravan offer, it also handled junior broadcasting to the schools during the HEAT. 

The absence of the usual afternoon Peace Council Meeting allowed for a longer student writer’s engagement time enough to offer the junior broadcasting workshop and practicum, PIA manager and workshop facilitator Rey Chiu said. 

By the following day, again in collaboration with Bohol News Today, the PIA helped student writers from Bohol Northern Star College (BNSC) in their second Campus Journalism Training and Seminar Workshop. 

During the two day event held at the Bohol Diocesan Multi Purpose Cooperative Conference Hall, students hand Newswriting, Photojournalism, editorial Cartooning and Headline Writing as topics for their skills enhancement and workshop. 

Jonathan Labayos, BNSC school paper adviser said the training happens to the school’s second in a series, one happened early last year in Ubay. 

The student writers of Scribblers, the school organ also presented their new set of officers for this semester’s school publication even as they gave a fitting tribute to the graduating staffers who facilitated the successful change of name of the paper from its old name The Star. 

The PIA has been offering its Campus Journalism skills trainings via workshops and has been giving these to Bohol elementary, high schools and even colleges or local officials and information officers. 

The general aim is to capacitate communities to be able to share the good news, which often are hidden from the public and stale on their own, PIA said. 

Other than its complete campus journalism skills trainings and workshops, the PIA also handles youth leadership seminars, livelihood trainings, arts workshops and youth and sports development training programs, while continuing its mandate for government information dissemination. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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