Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Decentralized hiring of
Local firemen, hailed

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 14, (PIA) — A key officer of the Bureau of Fire Protection (BFP) in Bohol hails the government move to decentralize the agency’s recruitment to afford the sourcing for more personnel who are familiar with their areas of responsibility. 

Fire Chief Inspector Antonio Ortiz, Bohol acting provincial fire marshal called the mulled BFP plan to bring recruitment to the towns a positive step which allows towns the right men for the task at hand. 

Speaking at the Kapihan sa PIA pressing on Fire Prevention during the Fire Prevention Month, Ortiz hinted that the bureau practice of a centralized hiring of firemen allows displacement of men and separation from their families for periods of time on duty. 

Moreover, with firemen’s assignments, the need to familiarize with the territory can bear the difference between a quicker fire response and rescue.

Many believe that a decentralized hiring of firemen can motivate local government units to donate lots as an investment. 

Towns without fire stations can have their own fire stations funded by the BFP with a firetruck and manpower complement. 

This however runs true if the town positively responds to the necessary land donation for the fire station to sit on, fire fighters said.

The move to decentralize the hiring is an added bet for the towns to respond, considering that the fire bureau puts up a P2.3 million building, another P2 million fire truck and manpower complement, which can be from their town. 

For towns without fire stations now, responding to fire alarms can take a considerably longer time as the response would have to come from the neighboring towns where they are clustered. 

In fire alarms, after a fire break-out, crucial minutes of response is necessary to put the fire in control, one which can hardly be attained with a fire station many minutes away. 

That too is considering that the fire truck on standby alert is already filled with fire suppression and control and its manpower is aboard. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Coconut bra from Anda 
Gets people going nuts

TAGBILARAN CITY, March 14, (PIA)—This may sound weird but believe it, a woman’s brassiere crafted by Boholanos is now causing a stir among enamored foreign men and expats in exotic tourism sites like Boracay.

A bra, fashioned out of a spoke-shaved coconut shell with hemp strings to keep them on has generated enough stir that manufacturers who crafted it from remote Talisay in Anda Bohol could be laughing their way to the bank for this. 

With the help of the government of Estonia Foreign Ministry, a local organization of fishermen in Talisay Anda has accessed technical assistance in jewelry design using local endemic materials, according to Ana Mainit, president of the organization. 

Calling themselves Talisay Fishermen Association (TAFIAS), the group has earned the interest of an Estonian-Brit couple who picked the community as the recipient of foreign help. 

Recently, a team of designers arrived in Talisay with a single purpose: to train the community in crafting jewelries and novelty items for tourists using local materials that the place provides. 

Coconut shell, bamboo, hemp, shells, materials for native baskets are fair game, said Robin Gurney who volunteers for Estonia and Great Britain in helping the poor community of fishermen in Talisay. 

The Estonian designers also brought with them mechanical and electrical lathe machines to be used for the craft, Mainit said. 

The equipment stays here after they get our community trained with the right skills, she added excitedly, as she scooped chili ice cream, another product TAFIAS is becoming famous of. 

Fashion ear rings, necklaces, bracelets, bangles, and even a bow tie made of coconut shell form some of the products that are now ready for the market.

The biggest hit however, Gurney said, is the coconut shall bra, which is now getting inquiries from distributors in Boracay and Europe, Estonia especially. 

TAFIAS members and some out of school youth have been trained and are now producing a wide range of coconut and bamboo jewelry which currently is selling exclusively at coco Loco Café, he added.

Wholesale inquiries from around Bohol and from Estonia are coming in as we speak, Gurney disclosed.

At the Coco Loco Cafe in Poblacion, Anda, owner and operator Robin Gurney said the place attempts to put to the mainstream, the TAFIAS products so the profits can easily go back to the community. 

Earlier, Estonians also helped TAFIAS put up an ecofriendly community center which uses plastic soda bottles and liquor bottles as walls. The community center also boasts of a children’s library, children’s play dens, musical instruments and study tables and spacious halls where community volunteers also put up trainings and discussions.

Other than the community center, the Estonian Government also sent experts to help TAFIAS design the packaging for their tilapia chips, which it earlier helped develop as a decent Bohol pasalubong. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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