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Police seeks help for 
MASCO motorcycles

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 3 (PIA)— The City Police under Chief George Vale asks authorities for more local government support especially in the provision of mobility assets. 

At the recent City Peace and Order Council (CPOC) Meeting held at the Jjs Seafoods Village, PCSupt. Geirge Vale emphasized the crucial help of the mobility of the city police as proven by the Motorcycle Anti Street Crimes Operatives (MASCO). 

Earlier, crimes in the city were largely done by motorcycle riding criminals, often in tandem, hitting unsuspecting targets in their most vulnerable times: texting while walking in dark streets, being in unsecured locations, or simply tending a nigh establishment without television capture. 

The culprits, almost always, tend to be motorcycle criminals riding in tandem. 

When MASCO started patrolling the city streets, crimes committed by criminals in motorcycles trimmed, and the cops on motor bikes resumed to checking on suspicious looking motorcycle drivers escaping checkpoints.

The City Government earlier provided the city police 3 brand new motorcycle units for the MASCO, reported Mayor John Geesnel Yap in his State of the city Address in July.

Of the 3, one unit was accordingly donated by the Bohol Chamber of Commerce and Industry, who will inevitably benefit from the anti-crime asset. The two more motorcycles come from the city government through Mayor Yap, city police sources said. 

Although the City police keeps a few vehicles, the responsibility of patrolling the streets and significantly increasing police presence in the streets prove to be logistically impossible, while the building traffic makes the motorcycles practical, according to city sources. 

This year, as the city struggles to go after what appeared to be liquidation squads roaming around hitting drug characters and petty thieves, Col. Vale believes more police presence could largely help. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bohol redefines 
Crime bus-ting

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 4 (PIA) –Bohol redefines crime-busting: it is all about the bus, and police expect no trouble. 

When adversity is the mother of inventions, Bohol police authorities scrape the limits of their imagination to put up workable strategies to counter drugs spread here and found two ways. And it’s all about the bus. 

Enter the crime BUSter.

Bohol Provincial Police Office through Police Senior Superintendent Dennis Agustin recently presented to the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in a meeting last week, the crime BUSter: its new ace on the sleeves against drugs. 

The crime buster is a “BUS” literally meaning that mode of mass transportation designed to help in the mobilization of police personnel and employees, explained Supt Agustin. 

Beyond that, Bohol police also said they will use the bus to ferry stranded students left behind by the public utility bus or jeepney’s last trip for the day. 

Students in Tagbilaran, especially those taking the night classes often stay in groups by the roadsides or terminals waiting for the often inexistent transport home. Here, they become prey to prowling criminals. 

Or, at times when the more hassling strikes happen and no vehicles ply the streets, the bus can help, according to PInspector Winnie Lopena. 

Here, the Crime Buster plays a crucial role, police sources from Camp Dagohoy said, especially when the bus does not just offer transport, it also incorporates a symposium on drug abuse and awareness on board. 

Drug abuse among students has become a prevalent issue in Bohol. At the City Peace and Order Council Meeting recently, Taloto officials tipped the police of widespread use of drugs in the district, especially near the schools. The drug agency also in Bohol admit that drugs can be easily sourced out near schools, putting more and more students in harm’s way. 

Studies have also posited that many of the students who get into the drug habit started out of curiosity only to find out that they have been hooked. 

Police in Bohol also ascribe the increase in petty and heinous crimes is largely due to drugs. 

The move to spread drug awareness inside the bus is a novel idea that gets a captured audience getting the much needed information, especially on how to avoid the temptation to get to drugs, a businessman member of the BCCI said. 

The bus, Camp Dagohoy sources said, is a donation from a bus company operating in Bohol.

And while ferrying students and giving onboard drug awareness lectures is a service of the Crime BUSter, in Clarin Bohol, a police officer grandson of a famous Filipino novelty singer is getting internet attention for another novel anti-drug campaign. 

PO3 Janew Villame, Yoyoy Villame’s grandson sings to passengers his own composition of novelty songs about the drive against illegal drugs and messages for clean elections.

While he sings, the other cops in his team roam the bus soliciting tips from passengers on known drug personalities in their barangays, shared Agustin who lists these as their best practices. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bohol candidates list
As of election period 

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 4 (PIA)— As the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) and vote-right advocacy groups urge voters to pick intelligently their right candidates, Boholanos who may need to know ahead who to root for. 

While Bohol Comelec has yet to get any notices from their Central Office Legal department on possible disqualifications or withdrawing candidates, Bohol office furnished copies of the local candidates.

Along this, five are running for Governor: Kary Lumayno Balagosa (Independent), Edgar Migrino Chatto (Liberal Party), Wenceslao Garcia Sayson (Partido ng Masang Manggagawa) Cipriano Cabulao Gaudicos (Kilusang Bagong Lipunan) and Rosemarie Lim Imboy (Partido Demokratiko nga Pilipinas)

For Vice gubernatorial seat, it is a duel between Dionisio Dajalos Balite (PDP-LABAN) and Concepcion Ong. Lim (LP)

For First District Board Members, the candidates are Vencencio Buhion Arcamo (LP), Christopher Quibol Bangalao (PDP LABAN), Manuelito Picos Bumaat (PDP LABAN), Abeleon Rafols Damalerio (LP), Ricky Uy Masamayor (LP), Jose Minosa Mesina (Ind) and Salva Baguhin Dante (PDP Laban). 

In the Second District, running for the seats are Tomas Dahab Abapo (Nationalist Peoples Coalition) Santos Amaga Abella (Ind), Agapito Canas Avenido (LP), Nino Rey Feniza Boniel (Nationalista Party), Antonio Pacheco Ouano Jr., (NPC), Gierghem Palang Puracan (LP) and Jonel Pacaldo Torregosa (LP). 

For the third district, the candidates are Dionisio Victor Ancog Balite (PDP LABAN), Jane Jade Acapulco Bautista (LP), Sancho Buscano Bernales (LP), Noel Toledo Bongolto (PDP LABAN), Porferio Paredes Datoy (PDP LABAN), Elpidio Manliguez Jala (LP), Laureano Anod Omac Jr. (PMM), Godofreda Olavides Tirol (PDP LABAN) and Kristine Alexie Besas Tutor (LP).

As to the congressional seat, for the First District, running are Cresencio Pumatong Alturas (PDP Laban), Joahna Cabalit Initay (United Nationalist Alliance) and Rene Lopez Relampagos (LP). 

For the Second District, the candidates are: Erico Aristotle Cabagnot Aumentado (NPC), and Gerardo Cutamora Garcia (National Union Party).

In the third District, the candidates are Conchita Toribio delos Reyes (PDP LABAN) and Arthur Cua Yap (NPC). (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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