Friday, February 19, 2016

Govt releases 77% of
P2.3 billion BEA funds 

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 18, (PIA)— Of the P2.389 billion Bohol Earthquake Assistance funding 1,063 sub projects from 44 local government units, a total of P1.865 billion checks have been released for the 1,026 projects.

This comprises 77.67% of the total funds which the national government gave to help Bohol rehabilitate and reconstruct key infrastructure which have been ruined by the 2013 devastating earthquake. 

The BEA funds, which LGUs are getting are used for the rehabilitation of earthquake-damaged roads, government buildings and facilities, public markets, access facilitation , waterworks and sanitation, and other development-spurring infrastructure. 

It may be recalled that the October 15, 2013 earthquake left 44 of Bohol's 47 towns and a city suffering from massive damages and entire communities displaced when people were rendered homeless. 

According to data obtained from the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG), of the 1063 subprojects submitted each with corresponding program of works (POW), 1,050 projects have already approved programs of works. Only 13 sub projects have yet to get their program of works approved.

As to the DILG through BEA implementation monitoring team Nina Christine Ipong, 1,054 sub projects have in fact, obtained Certificates of Availability of Funds issued to assure contractors and administrations implementing the subprojects that funds have been allocated according to the POWs as prepared through consultative processes. 

As of February 11, 2016, of the 1,050 subprojects with approved POWs, 50% or some 609 subprojects have been completely implemented and turned over, while a remaining 30.57% or 321 subprojects are on different stages of implementation following the procurement process which were observed under government auditing procedures and processes. 

To date, still some 88 subprojects, or 8.4% of the total 1063 post earthquake rehabilitation and rebuilding subprojects are on the different stages of procurement, according to the DILG which is now headed by Ma. Louella Lucino. 

Another 32 subprojects of the 1,063 which towns have previously identified, are now on pre-procurements and are preparing documents for the open and competitive bidding, as required of government projects implementation. 

Other than the BEA projects, another round of fund assistance from the national government is slated from a so called BEA 2 in Bohol. 

Weeks ago, Governor Edgar Chatto met mayors in a consultative gathering while he announced the upcoming fresh funds for the BEA 2, to which the mayors were elated. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Camp Dagohoy to deploy 
rookie cops on street duty

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 18, (PIA)— Truly troubled by the traffic related incidents that bloat the monthly total crime volume in Bohol, PSSupt Dennis Agustin is dedicating some newly polished police officers to augment traffic enforcers. 

Of the 660 crime incidents in January 2016, PSSupt Agustin showed that 206 cases or about 31% of these crimes involved traffic or are traffic related. 

The same pattern of traffic related incidents eating up a huge portion of the crime pie has been recurring trend in Bohol, alarming Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) members. 

Five or 83% of the six homicide cases in Bohol in January were related to traffic, Col Agustin pointed out in his crime update presentation for peace council members. 

Moreover, 70 % of the 181 cases of physical injuries recorded within the month are traffic related incidents as against the 55 cases of physical injuries that did not involve traffic, he pointed out. 

For this, and in the dire need to impact on the regulation of drivers and vehicles which have been illegally operating in Bohol streets and highways, Camp Dagohoy said they would be fielding in shifts the new police officers downloaded to Bohol. 

"We are putting the 60 new police officers downloaded from the region to man the streets, working in three shifts," PSSupt Agustin shared. 

Earlier, Governor Edgar Chatto asked Land Transportation Office Registrar Erwin Patalinghug about the status of the police deputation, of which the LTO has stopped yet since December. 

The LTO has been working with the Philippine National Police to help enforce traffic laws, but police have to be officially deputized to do such tasks. 

LTO Patalinghug added that the LTO regional Office has already signed new deputation orders to traffic police enforcers, these are then endorsed through the provincial police offices.

More than that, Bohol police chief said he is organizing a force multiplier by networking with motorcycle enthusiasts who would be part of the Brotherhood on the Road; these men would help police enforce, educate and disseminate pertinent information, vehicle safety and other inter-motorcycle enthusiasts concerns.

The ultimate motive is to get the help from everybody in keeping our roads safer and our drivers conscious of their roles, a traffic police from the highway patrol group added. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Crimes dip 12% 
in January 2016

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 18, (PIA)— Bohol crime watchers see a total of 12% decrease in crimes in Bohol in the last two months, which the Provincial Peace and Order Council see as a good start for the year. 

According to a crime statistics comparison as presented by PSSupt Dennis Agustin, chief at Camp Dagohoy, crimes in January 2016 were 89 cases less than in December 2015. 

In both months, Bohol's index crimes reached 261 cases, while in the non-index crimes, December 2015 was much higher at 488 cases as compared to only 399 in January of the new year. 

Total crime volume for December 2015 peaked at 749 while that of January 2016 was nailed at 660 crimes, Col. Agustin, Bohol's number one police showed. 

Except for the cases of murder, car-napping, theft and robbery of which 2016 posted higher numbers, index crimes in December 2015 proved more. 

December 2015 had 9 more physical injury cases over January 2016's 55 cases, homicide had 2 less cases in 2016 from the 3 cases recorded in December, rape is 1 case less from the 11 recorded in December last year and no cattle rustling transpired in Bohol in January against a case in December 2015. 

Carnapping in Bohol in January increased four cases, theft by 1, robbery by 4, murder by 4, and these are the index crimes that reflected an increase from December cases. 

Of the non index crimes, authorities at the police headquarters in Camp Dagohoy noted another 18% decrease of cases transpiring in Bohol in the first month of 2016. 

From 247 traffic related incidents in December 2015, it went down to 206 in January or a difference of 41 cases while Violation of Special Laws in December was still 42 cases more compared to January's 99. 

There were 100 other non index crimes in December, a figure which was trimmed to 94 in January, according to the PPOC report. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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