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Don’t give false civil
registry data - PSA

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 5 (PIA)—“If you were not legally married, or at one point, you were not registered in the system, then say so than falsely give out information.” 

Thus warns the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) during the Kapihan sa PIA in time for February’s Civil Registration Month. 

At the radio forum, PSAs Leopoldo Alfanta Jr., shared a common problem among children born out of parent’s who failed to register their marriages. 

Based on unofficial dates which they could reckon when they started cohabitating, parents usually use this entry on their kid’s birth certificates, which could blow into a messy trouble for the kids. 

It can come in many forms: an unregistered marriage will have no record of such at the PSA (formerly National Statistics Office (NSO), so that might affect the validity of the later entry, PSA explained. 

At the forum on air, no less than Boholano Officer in Charge of the PSA in Central Visayas Ronaldo Taghap and Bohol PSA Statistician Jessamyne Anne Alcazaren came to explain the trouble kids who graduate from college and are seeking for employment can meet. 

On these “personally declared” marriages, if the event is not registered, it does not get reflected in any official record, which might render the later registration record defective. 

A defective entry in the record, aside from a real hassle to the one intending to get the record, will also necessitate proceedings: whether it is administrative or judicial in form. 

By Republic Act 10172, Local Civil Registrars are now authorized to correct errors clearly typographical or clerical in the entries, but only in the day and month of the birthdate and sex, without needing a judicial order, explains Ronaldo Taghap, PSA OIC RD. 

The Republic Act amends certain articles of the Civil Code of the Philippines which states that no one can change entries in the civil registry without a judicial order. 

This also means that one can still opt to have the judicial process but it would be costly and takes time, Taghap said. 

Over this, PSA suggest that parents first settle their unregistered marriages by having them registered, fix the legitimation issues of the kids outside marriage through adoption or legitimation, before getting these entries on their children fixed. 

Meanwhile, PSA advices: nothing beats preventive measures.

By that, they mean register live events: birth, marriage, death at the Local Civil Registrar as quickly or at least within 30 days to be spared from penalties. 

Maki-isa, makisali sa Dekada nga Civil Registry, Vital Statistics, PSA shared the month’s theme and urged everyone to have a birth certificate. 

Meanwhile, as February is designated as Civil Registration Month, below are schedules for the different activities to be held by the Local Civil Registry Offices in Bohol.

For Talibon, Mobile Registration Services are in Feb. 9 – Nocnocan, Feb. 12 – Guindacpan, Feb. 16 – Bagacay, Feb. 19 - San Agustin, Feb. 23 - Sto. Nino, Feb. 25 – Zamora, Feb. 26 - San Pedro and Feb. 29 in San Francisco. 

Mass Weddings are also set Feb. 18 - Most Holy Trinity Cathedral while free issuance of certifications happen on Feb. 24 at the Municipal Registrar's Office. A symposium and Info dissemination also happens at the Blessed Trinity College on February 10. 

In Jagna, A mass wedding is set on Feb. 24, after a symposium and Info Dissemination on Feb. 17 at the Collegio dela Medalla Milagrosa. Free issuance of Birth Certificates to children who will be enrolled in Grade 1 for the school year 2016-2017 will also be done there. 

In nearby Garcia Hernandez, Mobile Registration Services happen in Barangay Cambuyo on Feb. 23 while a 

In Bien Unido, Mobile Registration Services are set: Feb. 23 – Sagasa, Feb. 26 - East & West Hingotanan, and a Free Issuance of Certification, Feb. 24 - Municipal Civil Registrar's Office while a Symposium and Info Dissemination happens on Feb. 4 at Holy Child Academy.

Symposia and Info Dissemination activities are also scheduled in the following municipalities: Feb. 5 - St. Joseph Academy, Candijay, Feb. 12 - Holy Child Academy, Ubay, Feb. 16 - Holy Cross Academy, Tubigon, Feb. 18 - St. Mary's Academy, Guindulman, Feb. 23 - Sto Nino Institute, Getafe, Feb. 24 - Holy Infant Academy, Anda, according to PSA information Officer Emmanuel Galab. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Civil Service Exam applications extended

TAGBILARAN CITY, Feb. 05 (PIA)--The Civil Service Commission extends the deadline for the filing of applications for the April 17 Career Service Examination, Paper-and-Pencil Test to February 26, 2016.

The Civil Service Commission CSC said that the filing period, which initially was set until February 25, is extended in light of the declaration of February 25, 2016 as a Special Non-Working Holiday throughout the country in celebration of the 30th anniversary of the EDSA People Power Revolution.

The Career Service Examination is open to Filipino citizens who are at least 18 years old at the time of filing of application. While applicants may continuously take the examinations regardless of the number of times failed, the CSC stressed that the same level of examination should be taken once in every three months. With this condition, applicants for the April 17, 2016 examinations must not have taken the same level of the examination since January 17, 2016.

Applications must be filed personally at the CSC Bohol Provincial Office located at Dampas District, this city.

The CSC reminds that acceptance of application is on a first-come, first-served basis, adding that it may be closed earlier than February 26 once the allotted number of examinees had been reached.

For the qualifications and complete list and specifications of application requirements, interested applicants may call CSC Office at telephone number 501-7046 or access CSC Examination Announcement No. 07, s. 2015 posted at the CSC website www.csc.gov.ph. (ecb/PIA7-Bohol)

Bohol District 1 Candidates
Two mayors exchanging seats 
with vice, 3 VMs eye top seats

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 5 (PIA)—Two towns in Bohol’s First Congressional District have top leaders conveniently exchanging positions as another three incumbent Vice Mayors gun for the top town seat as the elections in 2016 nears and the campaign period for national officials start Tuesday. 

Former Loon Vice Mayor Elvi Peter Relampagos (LP) switches with then Mayor Lloyd Peter Lopez (LP) who is now running for Vice Mayor while in nearby Calape, former Mayor Sulpicio Yu (LP) slides down to accommodate his brother Vice Mayor Nelson Yu (LP) who is running for mayor in the town. 

Three more Vice Mayors are now casting their hats into the Mayoralty seats: Baclayon’s VM Jodel Theodore C. Cabahug (NP), Cortes VM Lynn Iven Lim (LP) and Maribojoc’s Fructuoso Jumamoy (NP). 

In Loon, former VM Relampagos meets Ana Liza G. Orcullo (UNA) while in Calape, former VM Yu battles with Delia Dumalag (UNA). 

For the vacant vice mayors post, Cabahug’s seat has Romulo Balangkig (NP) and Ma. Judith B. Israel (LP); Cortes VM Lims seat will have former mayors Romeo L. Labor and Leo G Pabotoy as contenders. For the vacant Maribojoc seat left by Jumamoy, former mayor Jose E. Veloso (LP) and Andresa Pohl figts for vote supremacy.

It will be a duel between Cabahug and former mayor Benecio R. Uy in Baclayon, and incumbent vice mayor Lim of Cortes goes against incumbent mayor Roberto Tabaneta, while Maribojoc’s Jumamoy pitches in a three-cornered fight among him and Gumersindo M. Arocha (LP) and Henry B. Cantoneros.

Meanwhile, in the same district which is comprised of 16 towns and Tagbilaran City, 11 incumbent mayors are aiming to get new mandates in a reelection.

These are Alburquerque Mayor Efren D. Tungol (LP), Dauis Mayor Marietta T. Sumaylo (LP), Panglao Leonila P. Montero (PDP Laban), Tagbilaran City John Geesnel L. Yap (LP), Cortes Roberto L. Tabanera (PMP), Corella Jose Nicanor Tocmo (UNA), Sikatuna Jose Ellorimo Jr., (LP), Balilihan Maria Pureza V. Chatto, Catigbian Virgilio Lurot, Tubigon Marlon R. Amila (UNA) and Antequera Jose Mario J, Pahang. 

In Alburquerque, Mayor Tungol meets an opposition in Eugenio Salibay (PDP Laban), Mayor Sumaylo of Dauis will tackle with former mayor Victorio Migrino (PDP Laban) as Mayor Montero of Panglao meets Doloreich Dumaluan (PDP Laban).

In Tagbilaran City, Mayor Yap will be against two opponents: Arlene P. Karaan (PMP) and Edgar L. Kapirig (Ind), Cortes incumbent Mayor Tabanera meets vice Mayor Lim and Corellas Mayor Tocmo, will face three opponents: Danilo Mbnadala (LP), Epifanio Bolando (Ind) and Fabio J. Ontong Jr (PDP Laban).

It will be a sure win for Sikatuna’s Ellorimo who run unopposed this time, while Balilihan’s Mayor Chatto has Mark Leo Monton (Ind) while Catigbi-ans Mayor Lurot faces former Vice Mayor Fortunato N. Concon, Antequeras Mayor Pahang grapples with former Mayor Samuel Rebosura (Ind) and Tubigon’s Mayor Amila will face off with former Mayor William R Jao.

On the vice mayoralty seats, Loon’s legislative seat vacated by VM relampagos will have fomer Mayor Lloyd Peter Lopes contesting against Wilfredo Caresosa (Ind) while Calapes seat of VM Yu will have his brother former mayor Sulpicio fighting it out with Roldan Damalerio (UNA).

For incumbent Vice mayors intending a reelection, these are Alburquerque Cayetano J. Doria Jr (LP), Dauis Luciano Bongalos (LP), Panglao Pedro Fuertes (LP), Tagbilaran City Jose Antonio Veloso (LP)Sikatuna Julian O. Manigo (LP), Balilihan Edgar S. Asilo (LP), Catigbian Reynaldo M. Lacea (LP), Tubigon Virgilio Fortich (LP) and Antequera Simon Leo Jadulco (LP).

Alburquerque’s Doria is sure winner with no opposition, as Dauis VM Bongalos faces off with Pacifico Branzuela (Ind) and Reynaldo O. Yana (PDP Laban).

In Panglao, VM Fuertes will fight it out with former mayor Benedicto H. Alcala (Ind) and Tagbilaran City VM Veloso will have Alfred Hontanosas (Ind) as opposition, Corella’s substitute for VM Daquio is Rex Romani Tocmo facing off Ma Asuncion Daquio (UNA), Nicanor Lumain (Ind) and Vanessa C. Macarayan (PDP Laban), as Sikatuna’s VM Manigo has to top against Silverio M. Palgan (UNA). 

Running against Balilihan VM Asilo is Adonis Roy I. Olalo (ind), Catigbi-ans VM Lacea will meet former VM Necita Digaum, Tubigon’s VM Fortich squares off with Eveardeen Flores (UNA) while Antequeras VM Jadulco finds opposition in Lanibel M. Labado (PDP Laban). (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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