Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Camp Dagohoy destroys
125 improvised mufflers

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 22, (PIA)—The government literally steamrolled its crackdown against noisy motorcycles fitted with improvised mufflers as Police Regional Officer in Charge for Region 7 (PRO-7) along with local police officers including the Highway Patrol Group (HPG) witnessed the destruction of 126 confiscated mufflers from operation in Tagbilaran City. 

No less than PRO 7 officer In Charge Police Chief Superintendent Manuel R. Gaerlan, Bohol Police Chief Senior Superintendent Dennis Agustin, HPG Chief Superintendent Saturnino Sedigo and Tagbilaran City Mayor John Geesnell Yap who witnessed the initial batch of mufflers destroyed through being rolled over by a steamroller vibrator at Camp Dagohoy grounds, February 22. 

Earlier, Tagbilaran City residents have been complaining of the noise from motorcycles, especially at night time and asked the police to do something about it. 

Later, in his facebook status, City Mayor Yap showed an impound of motorcycles at the City Police Station apparently the result of a crackdown on these type of noisy and loud motorcycles. 

City Mayor Yap said the Tagbilaran City Police station impounded a total of 47 motorcycles in less than a week for using the "noisy mufflers."

Camp Dagohoy issued an advisory and invited media through short message system to document the destruction of 126 mufflers which police authorities have confiscated in line with Oplan Alimpos. 

According to PSSupt Dennis Agustin, Oplan Alimpus is a proactive police move to implement the Anti-Criminality Campaign simultaneously against Motorcycle Riding Criminals (MRCs) for huge and wide impact in Bohol. 

It uses all the police officers and men in Bohol's police stations, its regional and provincial public safety battalions and as well as highway patrol groups who would lead the implementation of all applicable traffic laws. 

Alimpos however stresses on checking on drivers licenses, speed freaks, minors and those intoxicated who still drive, unregistered vehicles with illegal modifications and un-prescribed accessories which endanger not just the drivers but other motorists and pedestrians as well. 

Apparently, the improvised mufflers have been the first casualties, as they have been detached from erring motorcycles which police flag down during operations.

PSupt Vale told media that apprehended vehicles are impounded at the City Police station and could only be released after the owners could bring in the original mufflers and attach to the motorcycle and then pay the prescribed the penalties as stated in the City ordinance. 

The erring motorists who are found to have motorcycles with improvised mufflers pay P200 but could only retrieve their impounded vehicles when they could present the motorcycles original muffler or suffer the consequences of the Joint Administrative Order from the Land Transportation Office which pegs the penalties at P15,000. 

The mufflers were of different kinds, some were plain mufflers which are sold at P1,200 while some mufflers up for destruction were sold at P8,000, making the operation easily total over P250,00. 

Meanwhile, PCSupt. Gaerlan said among his reasons for coming were to supervise the operation of the BPPS and support their men in the Operation Lambat Sibat, which also supports the move to apprehend traffic violators and criminals on motorcycles. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

PRO-7 PCSupt Gaerlan
commends Bohol PPO

TAGBILARAN CITY, February 22, (PIA)— Newly installed Police Chief Superintendent Manuel Gaerlan head of the Police Regional Office 7 commends Bohol Police for stepping up to the challenge in the fight against drugs and criminality.

Speaking to the local media in an impromptu press conference at the People's Mansion, Gaerlan, who had just called on the governor for the first time after his assignment, said he also commends Cebu province and Cebu City for making results after launching "one time-big-time."

"Banas took the initiative and we stepped up to the challenge," Gaerlan said, meaning the successful anti-drug operations that the over-all regional police force have logged in the last two years since Police Regional Officer 7 Prudencio Banas took over the helm. 

In his visit to Bohol to meet with local police officers, Police Director Banas ordered PSSupt Dennis Agustin to make Bohol as the first drug-free province. 

Immediately, Supt Agustin headed the call and unleashed an anti-drug campaign that would cause hin key officers and anti-drug advocate men in uniform.

Just as Bohol police continue to amass successes and recover dangerous drugs in countless operations, the problem just would refuse to stop, in fact appear to double, forcing insinuations of police protecting drugs and the druglords as well as police who are themselves drug personalities.

Over this, PCSupt Gaerlan revealed that the PRO-7 is undergoing an internal cleansing and he assured that the police organization under him would be very strict with their policies. 

"People are not blind, we have warned our police about it and in time, we can gather enough evidence," he said so he could initiate proceedings against erring officials and men. 

Even then, he urged the community to continue helping the police, stressing that they alone can not win the fight against drugs. 

In his first meeting with Gov Edgar Chatto after his assignment in teh Central Visayas, this Pangasinan born chief said he want to basically supervise the operations at the Bohol provincial Police Office in conducting Operation Lambat-Sibat and how to improve on the police anti-crime campaign as well as do random police stations check, especially on the 8 towns which were earlier declared election watch areas. 

Oplan Lambat Sibat is scientific and sustained approach against criminality, he pointed out, noting too that every police operation nder Lambat Sibat is a deliberate actin and is not just any attempt to be lucky. 

Those 8 towns are not yet final for 2016 elections, Gaerlan explained. 

"We would still be evaluating past incidents like intense political rivalry of candidates," he added, that is before making another declaration of the EWAs. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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