Monday, January 25, 2016

Election gunban suspends 
Permits to carry firearms 

TAGBILARAN CITY, January 22 (PIA)—Persons who may have been able to obtain permits to carry firearms outside their residences are never excused of the gun-ban.

Commission on Elections (COMELEC) Resolution 10015, bares that by start of the election period January 10, the gun-ban that is implemented to aid an orderly and clean elections apply, and its violation is treated as a separate offense of a special law, according to Bohol Comelec supervisor Atty. Eliseo Labaria. 

From 120 days before elections and 30 days after, or from January 10 to June 8, a Committee on the Ban on Fire Arms and Security personnel spearheads the Comelec gun-ban.

The gun ban is basically on the bearing, carrying or transporting of fire arms and other deadly weapons as well as the employment, avail-ment or engagement of security personnel or body guards in the duration of the election period. 

While the Committee operates, they exercise supervisory functions on the joint regional, provincial and municipal joint security control centers as well as solely issue Certificates of Authority for those authorized by the poll body to carry firearms, the resolution said. 

With the gun ban, also suspended, rendered ineffective are the issuances of fire-arms licenses, permits to carry firearms outside residences and renders void all issued permits to carry fire arms outside residence, mission orders, letter orders and acknowledgement receipts pertaining to firearms and their handling. 

Security guards who carry their service firearms outside their posts can be accosted too, so they need to turn-over the piece to their relief-guards, Atty. Labaria said. 

As the gun ban stops these activities including engaging the services of security personnel, it also makes effective the ban to transport firearms and explosives, including its spare parts and components. 

Office of Transport Security chief at the Tagbilaran City Airport, PCInspector Albert Timpac explains that even if it is just a component of the ammunition, it can get one in trouble. 

At a meeting with local officials, Timpac explained that in the handling of airport security, even the presence of one of the four components of a bullet can be real hassle. 

He said a bullet has the primer, the bullet casing, the explosive gunpowder and the slug. Either one of these components can be a problem with the gun-ban. 

The resolution also add that persons caught violating will get an imprisonment from one to six years, could get a permanent disqualification from public office and loss of right to vote, if the offender is a foreigner, he can be deported, but only after prison term is served.

Violators also face the prospect of cancellation of and or perpetual disqualification to secure license or permit, the resolution states. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

City police note decreased
2015 crimes over last year

TAGBILARAN CITY, January 22 (PIA)— Crimes in Tagbilaran City last December decreased 47 cases when it recorded 83 cases as against the 130 cases it recorded in December 2014. 

The decrease, which is 36% in a year difference is big considering the increment growth in population the city would have attained during the period. 

Over this, local officials led by Mayor John Geesnel Yap and Jose Antonio Veloso congratulates the police officers for their efforts at curbing crimes here. 

And apart from the decrease in crime volume, the City police pegged both over 50% crime solution efficiency in the last two years, showed City police chief, Superintendent George Vale. 

Reporting during the City Peace and Order Council Meeting at the Jjs Seafood Village Thursday, Colonel Vale pointed out that they obtained a 54.61 and 51.80 crime solution efficiency in the last two years. 

Showing a comparative chart to the members of the City Peace and Disaster and Risk in the joint meeting, Vale, who came to the meeting accompanied by key officers including OTS Tagbilaran Chief Inspector Albert Timpac, showed that index crimes logged in 2014 hit 87 as against 2015’s 47 cases. 

For the non-index crimes, Tagbialran had 43 in 2014 as against only 28 in December of 2015. 

The city police crime statisticians also noted 13 crimes against persons in December of 2014 and this number shrunk to 8 the same month of 2015. 

On crimes against property, the city authorities noted 74 cases in the last month of 2014. This number was trimmed to 47 in 2015. 

Still bogged with theft, Tagbilaran City noted a 41% drop in cases in 2015 from the December 2015 count which reached 54, according to police records. 

Theft, robbery and physical injuries topped the crimes in both years, with carnapping in the city, a close fourth. Theft owned 58% of the city crime pie, robbery ate 20% and physical injuries at 13% of the total crime volume in December 2015. 

Still, police acknowledges Poblacion 2 and Cogon areas as the more problematic districts with 2014 and 2015 crimes.

In fact, Cogon Chairman Nicanor Besas acknowledged that he has problems with criminality and mostly minors of which he doesn’t know how to handle. 

Minors are getting bolder, he shared, concern apparent in his voice, during the joint meeting. 

He said he has already called the parents of these kids, who care not whether these kids go to school or not.

There is usually a lull in the petty crimes and then just as everything calms down, the crimes are there again and the same minors are involved, he shared. 

At this, Col Vale appealed for the local officials to hasten the planned Paglaum Center for rehabilitating children in conflict with the law. 

The youth rehab center is now in the pipelines. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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