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Ten elude arrest in antidrug 
search-warrant operations

Pasay City, November 30 (PIA) –Ten persons who were subject to search warrants issued by different courts in Bohol eluded police arrest after search in their respective abodes positively produced the subject illegal substances and drug paraphernalia.

The warrants were issued following police surveillance and positive test-buy operations and were issued to prove probable violation of anti-illegal drugs act.

This too as police apprehended 28 drug personalities, accounted for the government some 186.32 grams of illegal substances where the government authorities implemented the search warrants in 26 towns in simultaneous operations, according to Camp Dagohoy Chief PSSupt Dennis Agustin. 

In his monthly report to the Provincial Peace and Order Council, the Philippine National Police (PNP) through Supt Agustin said that police implemented the campaign against illegal drugs under Oplan “TUMBA-PRESO.

”Tumba Preso, which is the local implementation plan for the PNP National Headquarter’s “LAMBAT SIBAT” has gained commendable results, he told PPOC members gathered and the Bohol Island State University Conference Room in time for the November 26 HEAT-IT Caravan.

Earlier, a massive province wide anti-crime raid dubbed as “One-Time-Big-Time, stirred up the hornet’s nest of crime groups in Bohol resulting in the arrest of more than 50 drug pushers and seizure of shabu worth at least P4.2 million, the Bohol police chief and former anti-organized crime czar reported.

The operation also caused the death of one notorious assassin. 

Under One-Time-Big-Time search warrant implementation, suspected drug offenders Felix Bon Jr.,(Panglao), Caryl Abuyabor, Kent Sabijon and Eric Dalmao (Tagbilaran City), Aquilino Ybanez(Buenavista), Julian Bongcas (Loay), Adrian Olaso (Guindulman), Junriel Lungay (Clarin), Restituto Planos (San Miguel) and Julius Cagasan of Duero eluded arrest after the suspects were not in their respective residences when the police implemented the warrant. 

The suspects in the Tagbilaran City arrest warrant implementation yielded 104.66 grams of shabu, while Panglao search yielded 52.94 grams. 

Also arrested for producing illegal substances in their homes during the police operations were brothers Erad and Abel Dalmao, Ronald Sarabia (Tagbilaran City), Jay Optina, Jaime Nisnea, Jack Aranzado and Arvin Aranzado (Dauis), Jay Luzano (Batuan), Ruel Apor (Dagohoy), Nicomedes Legazpi (Loboc).

In other parts of Bohol, just by search warrants implementation, the long arms of the law caught up with: Antonio Avenido, Danriel Avenido (Talibon), Joseph Calipes (Antequera), Lolita Mabulay (Inabanga), Kevin Paul Hormachuelos, Joseph Poquita (San Miguel), Eldefonso Densing (Loay), Jessie Subsuban (Pilar), Heran Mejares (Getafe), Nelson Agosto (Corella), Keith Bryan Antipala (Valencia).

Angelito Ybanez (Trinidad), Michael Mencias (Loon), Marlon Pahid (Calape), Edwin Tasic (Catigbian), Regil Paragile (CPG), Norania Ledesma (Jagna), and Dario Pagaran (Garcia Hernandez). (rac/PIA7Bohol)

PGBh trains new 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, November 27 (PIA) – WITH the view of creating more communicators and information envoys, some 20 employees from the different offices of the provincial government of Bohol (PGBh) undertook an orientation on basic newswriting at the Reyna’s Haven and Garden, here.

Effective Development Communication (EDCom) Office in partnership with the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) and Provincial Road Management Facility (PRMF) conducted the two-day crash course November 24-25, 2015 dubbed Basic News Writing, Photo-Release, and Documentation.

The activity aims to create writers and documentors per office, as an initial step in creating a pool of trained communicators that will help in the information transparency of what the provincial government is doing. 

The first batch of training is composed of employees from different offices of the provincial government. 

After the workshop, trained writers would be tasked to keep the public well informed of the strategic programs, activities, and events inherent or currently implemented by the different offices of the Provincial Government of Bohol. 

An official publication and other information media have been mulled as a medium for the trained writers who graduate from the workshop. (Michael Aris Beldoro/GO-SEEM)

DBM warns, online reports 
of extra P10K bonus, hoax 

TAGBILARAN CITY, November 27 (PIA)--If you think a cash windfall is on your way, keep the celebration until later. 

If you somehow read an online article about an additional bonus for government workers this 2015, note that it is a hoax. 

The Department of Budget and Management (DBM) has recently issued an advice or caution against this online information of the reported P10,000 additional holiday bonus to government workers. 

The information, which has been making rounds online bared about an alleged announcement by President Benigno Aquino III, falsely saying that the national government would give P10,000 additional holiday bonus to government personnel. 

There is no more additional holiday bonus that is due to be released to government workers by December 15, DBM in its website said. 

"Please be informed that government employees have received the last half of their year-end bonus/13th month pay and cash gift in the amount of P5,000 by the middle of this month pursuant to DBM Circular 2015-1, the DBM said. 

The circular provides that the remaining half of the yearend bonus and the cash gift for 2015 shall be released not earlier than Nov. 15. 

It may be recalled that on December 2, 2011, or four years ago, a news story by the Philippine Daily Inquirer talked about the grant of P10,000 productivity enhancement incentive (PEI) on that year. 

In the article, President Benigno Aquino III “announced that the national government would give P10,000 in additional holiday bonus” on top of the 13th month pay and the P5,000 cash gift. 

"We have seen this article being shared in social media for the past several weeks. Some people did not notice that this article is four years old and may have been led to believe that there is an additional P10,000 holiday bonus to be had," the DBM warned. 

Today, it has come to our attention that the contents of that article is being rehashed on a public blog which presents it as fresh news, dated Nov. 5, 2015, DBM noted. 

This blog entry has no byline, and the blog itself appears to be owned by an anonymous author using an alias. 

We take exception to this calculated spreading of misinformation, the government budget agency said.

Bohol climate walk sets off, 
demands full clean energy 

TAGBILARAN CITY, November 27, (PIA)--Out to push a strong statement on clean energy while Bohol is obviously trying to preposition itself into tapping an additional source for its growing industries, 11 eco-advocates start off an epic journey of 99 kilometers in three days to dramatize the call towards 100% clean energy for Bohol. 

"This is also to echo a global call of the people's pilgrimage for 100% clean energy," the group through its spokesperson Liza Macalandag said. 

The 3-day pilgrimage dubbed Bagtas Lunhaw: Bohol Climate Walk 2015 started at the Tagbilaran Plaza Rizal November 27 at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, where the small group of known Bohol environmental advocates started off with the reading of their mission, and a few body stretching exercises. 

In the signed position statement, the walkers said they are advocating for Bohol’s conversion to renewable sources of energy. 

“It’s time to transition to clean energy alternatives that could meet all our energy needs without the danger of running out or harming all life on the island. Solar, wind, or hydro, Bohol’s potential for a clean and efficient energy system is boundless”, the statement says. 

“We call on the government and the private sector to support and invest in 100% clean energy.” 

This expedition is registered with the People’s Pilgrimage, a worldwide movement of people – of all faiths and none – who are taking their own journeys, big and small, to visit the places at the heart of the climate crisis at risk or affected already, or places that demonstrate inspiring solutions for a fossil-free future. 

Admitting no politics, the walks remain independent and non-aligned, mostly self-funded, and partially supported by friends of the Bohol Climate Walkers, their statement said. 

The BaktasLunhaw is in solidarity with similar walks calling for climate action currently going on worldwide to coincide with the start of the United Nations Climate Change Conference or COP21, the annual meeting of all countries for the climate, which, this year, takes place in Paris, France on November 30 to December 11. 

In the Philippines, apart from Bohol, climate pilgrimages are also done in Negros Island, Cebu, Albay, Manila, Mindoro and many others. 

Fearing for the option to put up the easiest to set up energy sources, eco-walkers said coal is the dirtiest energy source, and whatever anyone would have us believe, the coal fuel cycle is among the most destructive activities on earth. 

Coal-fired power plants are the biggest source of manmade CO2 emissions. The burning of coal endangers our health, pollutes air and water, harms our land, and drives global warming, making coal the greatest threat facing our climate, they asserted. 

The Philippines is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. Islands like Bohol stand to lose so much as the changing climate exposes us to rising sea levels and extreme weather conditions, bringing in stronger and more frequent typhoons and heat waves, they asserted. 

But all hope is not lost. Renewable and sustainable energy sources are available to help us meet our energy needs without danger of running out or harming all life in the island. Solar, wind, or hydro, Bohol’s potential for a clean and efficient energy system is boundless. The energy choices we make today significantly determine the future of our home. It’s time to transition to clean energy alternatives, according to their signed statement. 

"We particularly urge local governments in Bohol to make bold political decisions and commit to reducing emissions through climate-friendly policies, and in partnership with the private sector, invest and implement innovative solutions that promote clean energy and efficient consumptions. We also call on the Boholano community in general to foster sustainable livelihoods and lifestyles," the group urged. 

They eco-advocate walkers have set sleepover stops in Loay on the first day, in Garcia Hernandez on Day 2, November 28 before getting to Bohol's newest beaching capital Anda on Sunday evening. 

Along the way, brown bag sessions on climate crisis, the climate talks and papal encyclical Laudato Si are held. 

Organizers in Bohol also hope that the walk would enlighten local officials to choose the right energy for Bohol, who is now poised to plan an inland energy source owing to past experiences. 

Now largely dependent on Leyte's hydro power interconnection, Bohol learned a hard lesson in 2013 when typhoon Haiyan knocked off power towers, completely putting Bohol in total darkness for days. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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