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Five persons bid for 
Bohol governor seat

TAGBILARAN CITY, October 17 (PIA)--Barring any substitutions which the court allows for candidates until December 10, Boholanos will have to know and choose among five gubernatorial candidates who pack known and unknown capacities and characters to fill the province’s top seat and inherit a task of guiding a local government struggling to get up from debilitating calamities including an earthquake and storms. 

Among the pack is a guy who has the most intent to be in the seat. 

Kary Lumayno Balagosa filed his certificate of candidacy to the gubernatorial seat October 12, or right after the Commission on Elections (COMELEC) declared the opening of the filing of the certificates. Balagosa runs as Independent candidate. 

Three other candidates threw in their hats October 13, or a day after the opening of the filing of candidacies.

Edgar M. Chatto, of the Liberal Party, Rosemarie Lim Imboy who runs as independent candidate and Wenceslao S Garcia of PMM party, together filed their candidacies on the same day. 

On the last day of filing, October 16, another candidate from the Kilusang Bagong Lipunan (KBL) Cipriano Gaudicos beat the clock to join in the fray for governor, making the final count of gubernatorial candidates at 5.

While independent candidates can not be substituted, those with legitimate political parties can name other party members for substitution should the first named candidate be unable to continue in the campaign, according to Bohol COMELEC supervisor Atty Eliseo Labaria. 

Of them all, it is Chatto who is most prominent in the political radar, himself having held a long list of accomplishments in public service and governance. Chatto had stints as mayor, vice governor, congressman and governor. 

Considered another aspirant to the position is Rosemarie Lim Imboy, who runs as independent candidate. Imboy sits as Loay mayor. 

Garcia on the other hand is running again for governor, having failed to win in the last polls. 

Balagosa and Gaudicos are both new players. 

On the other hand, it would be a tough fight for the vice gubernatorial seat in Bohol. This is between political rivals from the same town Valencia. 

Incumbent Vice Governor and former Valencia Mayor Concepcion Lim, who runs under the Liberal Party will face off with mortal political enemy in graduating senior Board Member Dionisio Balite. Balite shelters himself under the Partido Demokratiko nga Pilipinas-Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-LABAN). 

For the Provincial Board under Bohol’s First District, seven candidates intend to be chosen. For the Liberal Party are Abeleon Damalerio, Ricky Masamayor and Vinzencio Arcamo. For the PDP-LABAN are Manuelto Bumaat, Dante Salva and Christopher Bangalao. Running as independent candidate is Jose Mesina. 

In Bohol’s Second District, seven candidates again are vying for the three seats. For the LP are Ghierjhem Puracan, Agapito Avenido and Jonel Torregosa. 

Also putting up a strong contention is the Nationalista People’s Coalition (NPC) Antonio Ouano Jr., Tomas Abapo Jr and Rey Nino Boniel.

One candidate: Santos Abella runs as independent candidate in the district.

For the four seats under Bohol’s Third Congressional District, running under the LP are Elpidio Jala, Sancho Bernales, Kristine Alexie Tutor and Jane Jade Bautista. Under the PDP Laban on the other hand are Godofreda Tirol, Noel Bongolto, Dionisio Victor Balite and Porferio Datoy. 

Meanwhile Laureano Datoy runs in the district as independent candidate. 

For the District representatives, in the First District, Rene Relampagos bats for a reelection under the LP, while Cresencio Alturas runs under the PDP-Laban and Joahna Initay runs under the United Nationalists Alliance ticket. 

In the second District, it is a one on one between Erico Aristotle Aumentado who guns for a reelection under the NPC slate against Gerardo Garcia who runs under the NUP. 

In the Third Congressional District, again, it is a one-on-one fight between reelectionist Arthur Yap who runs under the NPC ticket and Conchita Toribio delos Reyes running under the PDP Laban. 

In the national scene, this election proved a record breaker, with 130 filing their candicacies for president in the Comelec headquarters in Intramuros, Manila.

No less than Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez who announced the development with a tally of people who filed their certificates of candidacy (COCs) from October 12 until October 16:

Another 19 are intending to make it to the spare tire seas of the vice president. 

Around 172 candidates also filed for senators. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

DSWD urges communities to 
Check on ‘Listahanan’s’ poor 

TAGBILARAN CITY, October 17 (PIA)--By this time, the country's Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) should have posted the results of its Listahanan project in every barangay hall in Bohol and urges Boholanos to go check and validate these records to get people who are most in need into the list.

We are giving some ten days for the list to be posted and for the community to take a look at the list to get them ample time to check on the names and see if those listed are really those needing help, according to Ruben Boybanting, of the DSWD. 

Simultaneous with that, area coordinators shall make all the efforts to announce the list and their posting, do recoreda or bandillo and posts notices in public gatherings to sufficiently inform the people of the list for verification, he added. 

Formerly known as the National Household Targeting System for Poverty Reduction (NHTS-PR), it is an information management system that keeps data on the country's poverty and is the basis for the identification of the beneficiaries of the Pantawid Pamilyong Pilipino Program (4PS) explains Kerwin Macopia, information officer of the DSWD. 

Then putting a face to whom the National Statistical Data Board picked as among the country's needing the most immediate help, the NHTS-PR now morphs into "Listahanan," or the updated NHTS-PR verified by field enumerators who scoured the country's poor and put a face to them, he added. 

Then learning lessons from exclusion and inclusion errors of the previous enumerations, the DSWD now attempts to verify the list and asks the people to help them in cleaning up the list. 

On this, the DSWD has posted in barangay halls the list of "poor households" in the hope of engaging the community to help sort out and make sure those really needing help is there and those who may have been erroneously included is stricken off, DSWD authorities explained at the Kapihan sa PIA. 

We have just done saturation drives in the rural areas while for urban barangays, seeking out pockets poverty is the mandate, he said.

On this, he means enumerators personally come to houses and see for themselves the conditions to get to the 232, 625 households which the government eyes to reach. 

Those who are not in the list and think they must be there must come out, DSWD through Macopia called. 

Here, the DSWD has readies area supervisors who will assist the real poor to be in the list, he added enumerating that exclusion might happen when the enumerators could not find a right source during enumeration. 

And now that the list is there, we wish people to help us identify those included and those excluded so the area supervisors can fill up inclusion or exclusion forms for determination by the local committee. 

The local verification committee, composed of the mayor, municipal social welfare and development officer, planning and development officer as well as two designated representatives by the LGU would sit and try those complains as well as weight on those needing to get into the list, the DSWD added. 

The DSWD hopes the LVC would complete the remaining 12,000 families which need to be in the list but were not seen by the enumerators. There is still a remaining 5% of target which the LVC can get to. 

We still need to get to 5% of the target families to be able to get to the poorest and guide them out of poverty, adds Ruben Boybanting of the DSWD. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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