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Shipbuilder needs 2000
metal welders for Subic 

TAGBILARAN CITY, Sept 10, (PIA)--A foreign shipbuilding company operating in Subic is in need of 2000 welders, for immediate deployment to Luzon. 

Technical Educations and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) Secretary general Joel Villanueva relayed this during a press conference in his latest Bohol visit. 

Speaking before a modest gathering of Bohol media at the Dagohoy Hall of the Bohol Tropics, Villanueva, who was flanked by TESDA regional Director Rosanna Urdaneta and Provincial Administrator Alfonso Damalerio III during the press conference, said immediately needed by Hanjin Heavy Industries and Construction are shielded metal arc welders (SMAW) trained workers with the TESDA certifications. 

Hanjin, a Korean firm into heavy industries and construction operates a shipbuilding facility in Subic. 

"They won't need anything more, just as long as you have TESDA certifications, then they are looking for you," Villanueva, who was also explaining how the public private partnership is helping the government technical and vocational training authority has achieved over 70% employment rate or their trained blue collar workers. 

Hanjin, notes the former Benjamin of the House being the youngest congressman in his term, is among the 600 companies that TESDA is partnering to absorb TESDA trained graduates into their workforce. 

TESDA has assured that their trained graduates are at par with the world's best. 

Recently, the skills training authority has recently been awarded the International Standards Organization (ISO) 9001. 

ISO 9001 is an internationally recognized quality management standard which specifies Quality Management System (QMS) requirements focused on an organization's ability to meet and improve upon customer satisfaction and quality requirements.

TESDA enrolled two major programs for certification then: Technical Vocational Education and Training Program Registration and Competency Assessment and Certification.

These programs are processes that ensure integrity and quality of training delivery and training outputs involving all its courses.

The ISO certification makes TESDA at par with other international educational institutions providing the same skills development services.

In short, A TESDA 9001 QMS means all of TESDA graduates are so trained that they can sit at par with the skills obtained by world's blue collar workers. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Marrying foreigners issue
in CFO Bohol CEP sorties

TAGBILARAN CITY, Sept 10 (PIA)--Over the rising cases of Filipinos marrying foreigners who end up with miserable lives abroad, government authorities are doubling up on the community education program (CEP) to re-orient Boholanos about the key issues of marrying and living overseas as permanent residents. 

Now in Bohol for their CEP, Commission on Filipinos Overseas (CFO) makes sure they get to the towns in Bohol tagged with the most number of foreign marriages or petitions for residence abroad or crossing over on fiance, immigrant spouses, scholarship or work visas but with the intent to permanently settle abroad. 

The CFO is an agency of the Philippine Government under the Office of the President tasked to promote and uphold the interests, rights and welfare of Overseas Filipinos, and strengthen their ties with the Motherland, according to Princess Mayumi Kaye Peralta. 

Peralta, along with Arthur Joseph Vitas and Erlinda Pehle came to Kapihan sa PIA as another method of broadcasting information regarding the issues confronting Filipinos going abroad to settle only to experience culture shock.

Vitasa, during the one hour radio interview said around 50 to 60% of Filipinos marrying Korean have no idea about the foreign culture and tend to be having problems. 

The CFO conducts activities similar to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration and the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration's Pre Departure Orientation Seminar, but limits their services to those going abroad for marriages and permanent residency. They also do country familiarization seminars especially for European Countries, according to Peralta. 

Other than that, CFO also conducts counseling services, adds Erlinda Pehle, psychologist and registered counselor. 

We would make sure that those intending to go abroad past us are safe and are not trafficked, that they are not among the mail-order brides or end up in domestic violence, Pehle points out. 

The counseling sessions are there to make sure marriages work and husbands and wives relationships are strengthened, that marrying was for the right reasons and that they know more or less what to do in case they are in need of support from Filipino groups in their immediate vicinity, according to the guidance counselor. 

The CFO also provides the persons going abroad all the necessary support through networks of support groups in the foreign country, embassy contacts and international support groups which can help in cases of problems. 

In their CEP, CFO went to Tagbilaran, met communities in Panglao, Tubigon Inabanga, Carmen, and talked with students at BISU, Mater Dei College in Tubigon, St. Paul Academy in Inabanga, St. ANthony Academy in Carmen and had police and community interactions at PPA Tubigon, Panglao, LGU officials in Tagbilaran, Inabanga and Carmen, other than the Kapihan sa PIA. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Bohol touch in a massage
aims to mainstream hilot

TAGBILARAN CITY, Sept 10 (PIA)--A newly opened comfort nook in Bohol kneads its way to mainstreaming local healing and it tries to redefine hilot by its own brand of the Boholano touch and ambiance. 

And for yet an added touch, the new place is retrofitted to suit a Bohol themed ambiance as another tourism offer, envisions owner Ana Loinda Saluan. 

The place exudes the aura of a wooden Bohol house, wooden polished floor, subdued lighting, curtains and the steps leading to the massage rooms show carved names of key tour destinations. Then there is a painted Bohol map and local poems on its walls. 

Masaje de Bohol not only tries to put the hilot back in the mainstreamed world of massage parlors, spa and sauna, it also looks into healing the rather popular but faulty belief that massage services is dirty and demeaning, says Ana Loinda Saluan, Masaje's owner and proprietor. 

Saluan, who traces her roots from Loon, Inabanga and Danao (LoInDa), is a firm believer of the traditional hilot and insists she can make it mainstreamed like the commercial massage but not losing the authentic Bohol touch therapy. 

Bannering the traditional hilot as Bol-anong Amoma, (Boholano nurture) masaje's in-house specialty is an improvised Boholano hilot: aromatherapy, and picks elements of the Swedish and Thai massages, which were also present but unnamed, in the Boholano hilot, Saluan said.

The owner, who is also a government certified masseur, is into health and wellness as well as a multi-discipline sports enthusiast and outdoorsman as well as a former tourism stakeholder. 

With Bohol's tourists and locals as possible niche market, Saluan sees in the new Boholano spa a way so it can spread out a menu of body pampering services that could be had in a place with 21 massage, spa and sauna rooms.

Located at the second floor of Gallares Building at the Gallares Court, Gallares corner Maria Clara Street, near the Tagbilaran City port, Masaje de Bohol employs 16 young Boholanos whom she sent to massage trainings as well as personality development and front desk relations, according to the lady owner.

"These people come from rural communities: helpers, mall attendants, carpenters and high school graduates who want to raise the people's understanding about therapists and masseurs and hopefully inspire the young, she added. 

"All of them are holders of TESDA massage NC II certifications, including me," she admits.

At Masaje de Bohol, we also want to present a wholesome picture of Bohol and the respected healing arts packed in the Bol-anong hilot. We also would wish to redeem the value of massage service as honorable and respectable, Saluan, who used to work as a tourism officer in Danao town said. 

Masaje de Bohol also offers other massage packages including the famed Swedish, Thai, sauna, spa, facial and hair spa. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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