Monday, August 3, 2015

TIEZA commits P60M for 
"Bohol Friendship Park"

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol, July 28 (PNA) -- After funding serious tourism infrastructure at the Abatan River Community based tourism development projects, the Department of Tourism (DOT) through its Tourism Infrastructure and Enterprise Zone Authority (TIEZA) commits P60 million for the Bohol Friendship Park in Tagbilaran City. 

Earlier, city Mayor John Geesnell Yap shared the ambitious Tagbilaran City plan to build Bohol Friendship Park around the Sandugo Commemorative Site in Bool. 

The mayor, in his State of the City Address July 1, stressed that the park would enhance Tagbilaran City's efforts to make itself a destination instead of just a gateway for tourists, and added that the city would ask the TIEZA to help fund the realization of the project. 

In answer to the city's dreams, no less than TIEZA Chief Operating Officer Mark Lapid, who was guest speaker at the opening of the Sandugo Street dancing competition at the CPG Sports Complex Sunday afternoon, of its commitment to help Tagbilaran City Bohol tourism.

On his very short message, Lapid, who had a plane to catch back to Manila revealed to the thousands of Boholanos including city and provincial officials, that the TIEZA has bid the project that would be highlighted by a galleon to attract more tourists. 

According to a powerpoint presentation, which Mayor Yap showed July 1, the Bohol Friendship Park, which commemorates historical blood compact signifying the friendship of two nations, features three galleries of history which connects to an ampitheater through a view deck. 

The park would also have a botanical garden of endemic trees and would feature the Bool Tree, which according to history, was from where Bohol got its name. 

The brass busts of the Sandugo monument, which Boholano national artist Napoleon Abueva sculpted, becomes the centerpiece of the park and brings out again the ancient well, upon which the thirsty Spaniards drew water and resupplied their ships. 

Also to grace the Friendship Park would be statues of the last of the Dapitan kingdon rulers: Datu Pagbuaya and Datu Dailisan.

Dapitan Kingdom, which historians claim, is situated between Bohol mainland and Panglao island covered the same area and the vicinities upon where the blood compact commemorative site is, and it had, according to accounts, huge houses built on stilts that chroniclers accordingly referred to it as Venice del Oriente. 

For this, the Friendship Park would also have, aside from a galleon anchored off at the shallows, re-creations of the houses on stilts, connected by wooden boardwalks which also connects to the park. 

Another boardwalk would connect the park to the anchoring galleon, which is accessible to tourists. 

City planners also insist that the park would be built considering the environment impacts and with minimal damage to the area, wooden boardwalks and no reclamation be done, according to city hall reports. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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