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PPOC Bohol asks PNP to
Extend PD Agustins term

TAGBILARAN CITY, Bohol August 7, (PIA)—The Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) in Bohol has requested top Philippine National Police leaders to grant an extension of the service of Bohol Provincial Commander who would be clocking two years of highly effective tour of duty here this month. 

The resolution requesting for the extension of service of Police Senior Superintendent Dennis Agustin came amidst rumors that the sitting top cop in Bohol is due for a transfer following a mandatory two years of duty call.

PSSupt. Agustin, who had a highly decorated service as anti-organized crime buster in Metro Manila came to Bohol in August of 2013, to replace PSSupt. Constantino Barot, who was promoted to head the Regional Aviation Security Group. 

A few weeks after Col. Agustin assumed office in Bohol’s Camp Dagohoy, PNP Regional Director Prudencio “Tom” Banas, who was on official visit to Bohol challenged Col Agustin to make Bohol as the first drug free province. 

Immediately after making command conferences, Col. Agustin started making successes with the Special Weapons and Tactics (SWAT) leading the pack in sniffing out drug personalities.

The constant news of police anti-drug operations and the heaping successes have netted high profile drug personalities, recovered for the government drugs and paraphernalia while the operations become training ground for unit commanders who shall be keys in the organization of the town units. 

After two years of unblemished record in Bohol, one highlighted by very successful anti-drugs operations, rumors of Col. Agustin’s transfer started leaking since last month. 

Several quarters have assumed that the rumors of Agustin’s transfer is linked to the anti-drugs operations and the closed opportunities for people to raise funds for the upcoming elections. 

For former provincial commanders ahead of Agustin, the PPOC had also issued requests for extension of service after the police commanders have satisfactorily served their terms.

Unconfirmed police sources said that police officers holding key positions of colonel can stay for a maximum of 4 years in an assignment. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Fablab-made pasalubong kiosks 
to brand Bohol tourism products

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 4 (PIA)--In no time at all, a souvenir kiosk, a small standing cart that will be displaying and dispensing Bohol-only made products would be a mainstay in tourist hotels and establishments. 

This as a meeting of minds, science and technical expertise, along with the help of the country's only fabrication laboratory (fablab) fabricates the Bohol-made kiosks to help community artisans survive and ride with the tourism wave. 

A survey done recently showed that Bohol is missing pasalubong sales from most of its tourists, because there are not much organized stores that decently sell Bohol made products. 

Moreover, that same survey bared that of the few souvenir stalls and nooks found in hotels and resort, these sell imported products from other provinces.

"Of the over 400,000 tourists visiting Bohol last year, only about 100,000 bought and brought home souvenirs and food items form Bohol," pointed out Gavin Hinton, Australian marketing and sales consultant now on loan for Boholanos United Sectors Working for the Advancement of Community Concerns (BUSWACC). 

Loaned from Australian Volunteer for International Development (AVID), Hinton has been looking at how tourism can benefit Bohol communities. 

"Working with the shops tell us that of the 400,000 tourists visiting Bohol, only 100,000 returned home with souvenirs," Hinton volunteered the information. 

"If only we could get to 30% of the tourists buying local souvenirs, then would be allowing communities to support themselves," he pointed out. 

In the course of his work, Hinton also admitted he has seen a lot of great local products that local artisans are capable of doing, but these products "are not there where the tourists frequent." 

"Some of the products are on display," he admitted, "but these are average display nooks and do not tell as much as we want Bohol to sell, we see the need to design and brand these products from Bohol," the volunteer added. 

With the problem, Hinton, brought the country's first fabrication laboratory (fablab) in, and in characteristic collaboration of the Departments of Trade and Industry, Science and Technology and Bohol Island State University (BISU), they sat down to craft the concepts of a "souvenir shop." 

"It is digitally designed up-scaled wooden kiosk from a prototype, that will be a one stop brand for Bohol and its local products," explained Charles Vincent Barrete, industrial designer at the fablab housed at the BISU. 

"It will house ergonomically designed slanted drawers for novelty items, jewelries, food products, hangers for tshirts all expandable and adaptable to the size and dimensions of the product," Barrete added. 

"Using fablab technologies, the team came up with digitally designed pre-fabricated kiosks that will be a hub of activity for souvenir scouting tourists in Bohol," according to DTI provincial director Maria Elena Arbon recently. 

The design is revolutionary that even Australian Ambasador Bill Tweddell was amazed he inspected it during his most recent visit to Bohol, according to sources. 

With a ready kiosk ready for delivery to a high end Bohol resort this week, Hinton and Barrete think this will considerably help communities benefit from tourism while brand an organized and beautiful souvenir and novelty item collected from the island. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

Two long week-ends
for tourism in August

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 4 (PIA)--Local and foreign tourists will have a hip time booking in advance for their most wanted Bohol countryside tours with three days of uninterrupted fun as the country sees two long weekends in August.

This as President Bengno Simeon Aquino signed Presidential proclamation No. 831 last July 17, 2014 and formalizing the holidays which the country would be having.

For the month, tourists and even workers and students would find that the first three days of fun starts August 21, Friday.

August 21 is Ninoy Aquino Day and has been declared as a special non working day in the country, one in six of such holidays in the cited proclamation.

It is also customary for workers and students to rest on the weekends that Saturdays and Sundays have been generally understood as short vacations.

The week after, another long holiday happens and its starts on a Saturday.

By August 31, the country's workers and students tahe a pause again as the country commemorates National Heroes' Day, which happens this year on a Monday.

August 31 has also been declared a regular holiday, one among the ten which the proclamation included.

With these two holidays, in fact, tourists who pick on going to Panglao but couldn't get on with the long holidays can also come in on the 28th, which is a Friday.

August 28 is the town feast day as the parishioners would be celebrating Saint Augustine's feast. That same day, a street-dancing competition also takes on the festival beat as dance contingents featuring the town barangays take on the streets in an explosive display of grace, color and traditions.

Panglao's festive street dancing and feast day billed sa Hudyaka sa Panglao, which has been a certified tourism drawer, also showcases the local reports and tourism establishments sponsoring and paying for the financial needs of practices, lavish costumes and props and choreographers stiff fees. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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