Thursday, August 6, 2015

Keeping traffic incidents off
slashes 37% of Bohol crimes 

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 5 (PIA)--Traffic related injuries (TRI) further marred the total crime volume recorded in Bohol for July which saw ten more crimes over June this year.

Police Senior Superintendent Dennis Agustin said through a powerpoint presentation, that Bohol total crime volume in July reached 755 over the previous month's 745. 

The month registered 311 non-index and 444 index crimes, according to police Col. Agustin. 

The Camp Dagohoy top cop also summarized that during the months crimes, physical injuries surged to the top of all crimes, with 216 cases in July. This comprises a significant 28.6 % of the total crime volume, Col Agustin showed. 

After physical injuries, were cases of theft (135 cases or 17%) robbery (47 cases or 6.2%) and carnapping (21 cases or 2.7%). 

While physical injuries also topped the cases in July at 219, taking off the TRI from the crimes would show a 37% decrease in total crime volume, Colonel Agustin pointed out to members of the Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) who were meeting at Reynas Garden and Haven, August 5. 

Camp Dagohoy classified physical injuries as mauling, stabbing, stoning, vehicular accidents and other modes. 

Statistical data from crime statisticians showed that of the 216 physical injuries in July, 147 of these were vehicular accidents, which comprise 68% of the cases. 

Mauling, on the other hand scored 26 cases or 12%, other modes at 25 cases or 11.5%, stabbing or hacking at 10 cases at 4.62%, shooting at 5 cases and stoning at 3 cases.

Of the physical injury cases classified as vehicular accidents, Camp Dagohoy listed six possible causes. 

These are human error, low down payment of motorcycles, minors on the wheels, driving without licenses, driving while intoxicated and modification of motorcycles. 

Using this data, the PPOC scrambled to stir the Land Transportation Office through Erwin Patalinghug to do something about this. 

With plans to keep intoxicated drivers off the road, the PPOC tackled the purchase of alcohol breath analyzer, which according to the LTO is a substantial investment. 

NAPOLCOM through Atty. Olive Grace Hebron said that the AB analyzer is needed only when a driver fails the vision and the walking tests. 

But, in most cases, the presence of the LTO team and traffic police manning the streets is enough to keep illegal vehicle operators from venturing out in the streets. 

While there are traffic aides and police in the streets, there are hardly any of these people apprehending motorists despite blatant violations including driving non-street-worthy vehicles, spot license checks and alcohol tests to drivers. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol) 

Diabetes, hypertension 
lead causes of blindness 

TAGBILARAN CITY, August 5 (PIA) --People suffering from diabetes and hypertension may have higher risk of permanently losing their eyesight, if they continue to disregard proper care, diet and lifestyle. 

At least three Boholano eye specialists agree that unmanaged diabetes and hypertension can have devastating end results which may be permanent blindness. 

At the Kapihan sa PIA, opthalmologist doctors Jose Oliver Yu, Theodore Dumaluan and Roel Kabigting, who is also a retinal specialist explained that both diabetes and hypertension messes with the blood vessels which run into the eyes. 

The three eye doctors came to the radio forum on the air to spread proper eye care and blindness prevention in line with August being declared Blindness Prevention Month. 

A rupture in the blood vessels in the micro vascular levels may be slow that patients sometimes can feel the slight changes in sight, from losing focus to murky vision until the blood from the burst nerves cover the lenses causing blindness. 

They also said that another disease which goes with age that can be devastating to the eye is cataract. 

In layman's term, Dr Dumalu-an explained that a cataract is the murkiness of the eyes lenses caused by the uneven distribution of blood supply in the eyes nerves. 

This, Dr Kabigting added, could have something to do with aging and is exacerbated by taking of some anti-arthritis or anti tuberculosis medicines, even as he warned people not to self medicate especially when the medicine has something to do with other body functions. 

Eyedrops for example, Dr Kabigting said, is only good for a month after opening the seal, and then it could be contaminated and could somehow cause eye infections when used after a month. 

Other than the regular eye care, like blinking regularly to moisten the eye, keeping off causes of trauma in the eye, the option for beta carotenes, vitamin A, and other eye health enhances, proper diet and exercise interestingly can be good for the eyes, as they can work well with managing diabetes and hypertension, they said. 

If however, a person suddenly notices changes in vision, Dr Dumaluan suggests the penhole test. He said all one needs to do is peep through a hole punched in a paper and read from there. 

If the words seen from afar are clear and readable, chances are the person only need an eyeglass. if it is still blurred, then an appointment with an opthalmologist is in order. (rac/PIA-7/Bohol)

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